April Showers, May Flowers


1. April Showers, May Flowers

It was a hot summer in late may.
Oh how I wished April would stay,
But everything has a season,
And comes and goes for a reason.

But I still wish it never went away, the month of April.

Not to say May is not has beautiful,
Because each season begins a new,
Bringing back flowers as they bloom.
Its a month, everything didn't look so gloom.

But as I set here, I can't help but miss April,
Because we were together and our love shined bright.
I told you, "Just watch, when April showers bring May flowers."
That its something of a magnificent sight.

You only smiled and replied, "You may be right."

We planted a bed of seeds one day,
But we were not worried when the blue sky started to fade, to grey.
I don't think we were worried about the rain that soon came down,
Because you didn't protest or make a sound, only smiled and stated,

"Here's to the showers of April. Shall its life give to the seeds and turn them into beautiful May Flowers."

I remember getting soaking wet,
The rain was anything but cold, infact it was a little warm.
And as I watched the puddles start to form,
I didn't realize you took my hand,
Bringing me to stand.

Instead of rushing to find a dry place,
You turned me around and put a soft hand to my face.
Water dropping from your beautiful raven hair,
All I could do was simply stare.

I felt the warmth of your skin,
As your caressed me cheek,
And you still wore that half grin,
As you looked me in the eyes and said,

"I could stand here forever, repeating what I am about to say, from a stormy night, to clear skies in the middle of a hot day. I wouldn't trade a minute of you by my side, and you know never before have I lied when I tell you that you are the most important thing in my life and always will be. Till the end of days, it will be you and me."

I knew at that moment the rain was now mixed with my tears.
Because even though I could not read your mind,
I knew your heart from the very start,
I knew just how kind,
It was.

Or so I thought.

But as May neared,
Something happened that I had always feared.
It was the moment I learned how easy it was to trust and how easy it was to be broken,
Just how easy each word could be spoken.

I had belief in every word you said,
Never once did I think my heart was being led,
In the wrong direction and to the edge,
To were it would be unbalanced and tilted over the ledge.

But you showed me how wrong I was to place my faith in you,
You were not the person I thought I knew,
When you said we are better apart,
And maybe we were not meant to be, not now not from the very start.

It was a simple goodbye, I couldn't help that it made me cry.

So as I set here, looking at the newly bloomed flowers,
I think about what you said when we stood amongst the April showers,
Because they speak within my mind like a record player on replay,
Repeating each word you had to say.

"Here's to the showers of April. Shall its life give to the seeds and turn them into beautiful May Flowers."

It did rain, it poured into a graceful shower,
Breeding life into each flower,
Because now they stand up tall,
So strong that they should never fall.

Not like me because that became my wake-up call.
There was no love, for me.
Just words that you thought I wanted to hear,
As you kept my love very near.

And as I look up at the clear sky in the shade of blue, a white hue,
I keep thinking of you.
But this time its a thought telling me to let go,
But there's also a part of me that's saying no.

Yet the other part knows I am in pain,
And its something I can't take,
So I listen to my inner voice,
And let go.

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