When Lightning Strikes


1. When Lightening Strikes

The sky lights up in a blinding light,
Sparks of lightening painted across the dark clouds,
You can see the strikes as they roar out in anger.
Hear as it comes to life with a fierce growl that shakes the earth.
Let it rain down, let it go.

You'll reach out just as it comes to life in a flash,
So far away yet so close,
But you can feel its fury and see its wrath,
But its the most beautiful scene that's in sight.
Even as it gives its all, glory and might.
Such a beautiful sight.

Darkness is all around,
Silence, you don't hear a sound,
Except for the thunder that echoes in the distance.
When lightening strikes, the thunder unleashed,
Coming together to meet,
Matching you're heart beat,
That pounds so furiously in you're chest.

As you stand out in the middle of no where,
As the rain pours down, you're soaking wet,
But the storm rages on, its not done yet.
You can not move, you're mesmerized,
Captivated by the light, white flash.
As it surrounds you in all its beauty,
Wrapped around you.

When lightening strikes, its a beautiful sight,
It's a clash of scenery and sound,
Around you-

It surrounds you.

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