A Couple Hundred Miles Away From You

Ever Lynn met a boy last summer in Germany, Cameron but he lives in North America, California and she lives in England. Her father then gets a promotion in his job and they end up moving to Seattle, Washington. Does she find Cameron or does she meet another boy to fall in love with?


2. Welcome to Seattle

Two hours past and Ever could start to see a bit sight of Seattle it was late afternoon and Seattle looked as beautiful as ever, she never seen anything like it. Nash was peering over my shoulder looking excited to be at our destination, He then turned his gaze onto me and smiled. I returned the smile and started to gather my stuff before we officially landed, Nash helped with my baggage to the cab and asked if he can ride with me...

"Sure I don't see why not...," he smiled at me and hopped into the cab after I sat myself down on the seat next to Nash.

"74th street on the other side of town please" Nash asked nicely, I looked at him shocked.

"What?" he questioned.

"I'm going to 74th street also..." He was amazed and was quick to answer,

"Really? what is your house number?" he said impatiently

"Um 376 you?" and I was also impatient

He gasped out "374" I smiled knowing that I know somebody in Seattle and can be close friends with. We sat silently the entire ride which only took a least 20 min. to get to our destination, the cab driver stopped on 74th street.

"That will be 20 dollars for every minute" he called out to Nash and I, I pulled out my wallet taking a twenty out but Nash stopped me and pulled out one of his own twenty dollar bills. I gave him a concerned look but he just smiled saying it's okay I got it. I grabbed my bags and head up to house 376 and Nash two houses down from me went into his, I knocked a couple of times before a lady in a black and white uniform appeared.

"Hello?" the lady said nicely

"Um hi I'm Ever?" she smiled and offered me inside and I proceeded.

"Welcome I'm Alexandra, you servant it's nice to finally meet you," she shakes my hand nicely.

"Oh well where are my grandparents?" I questioned a little worried,

"Your grandfather is on a business trip and won't be back until Friday, and your grandmother is at the store preparing for your arrival and should be home anytime soon..." I grinned and stood there awkwardly,

"Oh I may show you to your room," I followed her up the long staircase looking at pictures and antiques everything was so beautiful. We entered a room that had light violet walls and a huge bed in the middle that had bright white bedding like a cloud. Off to the right side was a vanity with all types of makeup just perfect for my skin tone. On the left side was a bathroom and in the bathroom was my walk in closet that was filled with clothes and shoes all my style.

"How do they know what I like?" I breathed and I didn't notice Alexandra was behind me...

"Your aunt informed them everything about you and what you like. I smiled and re-entered my room on my bed was sitting a MacBook and an Iphone 6 plus I looked back at Alexandra and pointed at the items on my bed.

"Oh those are yours, your grandparents thought you might need those..." I looked back again and had a huge smile on my face. I surprised Alexandra by giving her a hug is what I usually don't do but I was so happy.

"ALEXANDRA!!! You home we still need to prepare for Ever's arrival!" I hear an old lady's voice call out. Alexandra loosen her grip on me and rushed out of my room, I followed passing many rooms. I stopped at the top of the staircase looking down at Alexandra and my grandmother talking, my grandmother seemed to notice me standing there and looked up. She smiles her warm grandmotherly smile and runs up the stairs to meet me at the middle, she gives me a small but meaningful hug and I do the same in return.

"What are you doing here so early young lady" she says jokingly, I just smile and shrug.

"I guess my flight was a little too early..." she takes my hand and takes me to a door,

"So I have a little surprise for you in this room and I know you will love it," she put her hands over my eyes and directed me into a warm room, it felt homey. SHe released me to a room full of books and a desk with a computer off to the side and a huge fireplace in the wall, it was so beautiful. I looked back at my grandmother with awe and gave her a huge loving hug.

"Oh my word it is amazing, is this room just for me?" I questioned just realizing how selfish I sound and stepped back a little. She shook her head yes and that is what brought my smile back I gave her another hug and a small kiss on the cheek. I pranced around the room looking over books and I saw in the corner of my eye a bunch of school supplies lying out...

"What are these for, grandmother?" she saw that I was looking at the supplies,

"Oh those are for school, we got you enrolled to East High School the best school in Seattle, if that is okay?" I smiled and said it was perfect.

"When do I start school?"

"Monday they said was perfect if that is good?"

"Yeah it's great, well grandmother I have some stuff to unpack and decorate my room with..."

She smiled and said "Oh that is great you go do that and set up you Mac and Iphone, I will have Alexandra come and get you when it's time for dinner okay sweetie?"

"Okay" I say while heading up stairs, I found my room and began to unpack I had a lot of stuff with me. My phone buzzed and I checked to see that I got messages from NAsh and Cam.

Cameron: Hey you in Seattle

Me: Yeah it's amazing here...

Cameron: that's great

Me: Oh I got a new phone my grandparents got it for me

Cameron: What kind of phone?

Me: An Iphone 6 plus

Cameron: Wow nice you should text me after you set it up so I can get your new number

Me: Alright I will do that later, right now I'm unpacking and soon I need to take a shower

Cameron: Alright talk to you later tonight goodbye love

Me: Bye

I then checked what Nash texted me but I was too tired to reply so I continued to unpacking my stuff, after I was finally finish unpacking I went to take a shower there was already shampoo and conditioner in the shower that smelled like roses it was amazing. After I was done I made my way to the closet and found a flowing knee- lengthed dress it was gorgeous so I threw on that and a pair of white flats. I pulled my hair into a braid and waited for Alexandra to came and get me. In that time I set up my phone it was nice and I noticed under the phone was a itunes card and a case which was blue my favorite color.

There was a knock on the door and Alexandra appeared in my room, "Time for dinner Ever," I got up and followed Alexandra down to the dining hall it was pretty big but the house was bigger, I was seated at the end and was offered a lobster I ate silently and enjoyed every piece of the lobster. After dinner was dessert which was a angel cake which taste amazing I excused myself from the table and went off to the library.

When I got there someone knocked on the door and my grandmother entered,

"Hi sweetie I have a bag for you I didn't know what kind of bag you wanted but I got the most expensive one there.."

"Thanks I just came in here to gather my stuff for school tomorrow."

"Okay and you might need this bag" at that she laughed I smiled and grabbed the bag from her.

"Well goodnight sweetie see you in the morning."

"Goodnight grandmother," she left me in the room and I started to gather everything and gently settled them in the bag, after I finished that I made my way up the stairs to my room. I sat the bag next to my vanity/ desk and went into the closet to get an outfit ready for tomorrow. I ended up picking out white skinny jeans, a long sleeve gray shirt with arrows on it and black high tops. After I finished that I changed into a T-shirt and shorts and went to sleep.

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