A Couple Hundred Miles Away From You

Ever Lynn met a boy last summer in Germany, Cameron but he lives in North America, California and she lives in England. Her father then gets a promotion in his job and they end up moving to Seattle, Washington. Does she find Cameron or does she meet another boy to fall in love with?


1. The Boy with The Bright Brown Eyes

I felt his bright brown eyes lay upon me, I look over and he smiles the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. I quickly turn away when he winks and start to blush, I look back over and he is starting his way toward me.

"Oh no" I breathed and pulled out my book trying my best to pretend read.

"Hello, Is this seat taken?" he questions in a low sexy voice, I look over at him and shake my head no. He smiles and sits down right next to me, about an inch away I got really nervous. He looks over again and studies me which doesn't help my nervousness.

"Excuse me?" I look over at him alarmed, "Hello I'm Cameron Dallas, I thought it was rude of me to not introduce myself..." he sticks out his hand for a shake. I take it and shake it slightly and whisper my name "Um hi my name is Ever" I go quieter when I say my name.

"What was that?' he questioned and I turned a shade darker then before, I probably looked like a tomato.

"Sorry I'm not really good at talking to new people and my name is Ever, Ever Lynn..." I paused to express my middle name with it. He then smiled as if pleased with my weird name.

"Huh Ever not a name you hear everyday but I like it, it's unique and cute," I smiled at his compliment and nodded.

"T-thank y-you m-my m-mom p-picked i-it..." great now I'm studering, I usually do that when I am extremely nervous and after that I hyperventilate and that isn't a good thing.

"Hey it's okay you don't need to studer with me talking to you."

"I studer when any guy talks to me, especially when they look something like you..." He smile at that comment. I just sat there awkwardly until Cameron broke the silence...

"What book are you reading?" I smiled thinking that he actually cared about what I am reading.

"I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird" I said excitedly, he smiled and looked at me like I am a delicate flower which made me blush.

"You seem really into that book by how proud you were just saying the title" and at that he laughed and so did I.

"Crap I have to go sorry but I had fun talking to you Ever." he smiled and started to walk away which was sad because I won't be able to see him again but I continued on with my book.

"EVER!!!!" I hear someone call my name and look over to see Cameron running towards me "What on earth?" I questioned.

He stopped panting "I-I didn't get your number" he breathed out. He pulls out his phone and I do the same. He laughed and I looked up to see what he was laughing.

"What?" I questioned

"You have a flip phone these things are ancient" he laughed again, then I take his phone he had the new Iphone 6 plus I stared in awe at it.

"Yeah well I can't afford fancy phones like this here" I say while shaking his phone up and down. He hands back my phone smiling and I hand back his, at that he ran off again...

"NEXT TIME EVER!!!!" he yells across the room and I smiled.

I sat quietly on the bench waiting for my flight to be called and my phone goes off

Cameron: Hey Beautiful

Beautiful? am I really beautiful, no guy actually called me beautiful ever I was confused but happy that he called me that...

Me: Hey, just couldn't wait to text me???

Cameron: Just checking to see if you didn't give me a false number?

Me: Why would you think I would do that?

Cameron: Well most girls I talk to especially beautiful girls, they always attend to give me false numbers...

Me: Well I don't know what to tell you

Cameron: Well since I am stuck on this plane I might as well text you.

Me: Great...

~Flight 86 now boarding, Flight 86 now boarding~

I grabbed my luggage and walked to Gate 86 and gave the lady that was wearing way to much make-up my ticket. I boarded the plane to find my seat 122 and sat down next to a boy with Dark Brown hair and the brightest crystal blue eyes like ice, he was so hot I couldn't stop staring. He turned to look at me and got up from his seat, "Um hi sorry I know this isn't my seat I sit in 123 but I wanted to look out the window."

"Oh it is okay," he smiled and I sat in my seat and then he sat right next to me staring.

"Hello I'm Nash, Nash Grier"

"Hey I'm Ever Lynn," he smiled. Another cute guy talking to me huh this world is strange?

"That's a pretty unique name, is Lynn part of your first name or is it your middle name?"

"Oh sorry yeah that is my middle name, is Grier your middle name?" he smiled at my question

"You don't know me do you?"

"Um no that is why I'm asking?"

"Oh it's my last name..."

I smiled and turned away from him this was going to be a long trip at least twenty hours, so I closed my eyes to pass by some time.


My knees are scraped up and blood pouring from my mouth and a little blond girl laughing from behind me.

“Oh Ever you will never fit in… ForEver Alone Hahaha…”

I got up and looked at the girl named Alice and ran to her tackling her to the ground punching her face in until I left bruises on her and and her lip was split open, it all ended when a teacher tried to pry me off of her.

She got up crying and holding her face, next thing I knew I was in the principal's office explaining on why I attacked Alice.

“She was making fun of me and pushing me around” I claimed crying’

“Okay well what did she say to you that made you feel angry and wanted to feel the need to punch her multiple times?” I looked at him and cried some more before I replied.

“S-she s-said t-that I-I w-will b-be F-forEver a-alone…” at that I burst into tears.

He shook his head and apologized, he released me and I had to sit in the office until my mother came to pick me up. She walked into the room and gave me a concerned look and took me home on the way I told her everything that happened and she apologized every time I mentioned a bad moment, we then pulled up to Dairy Queen.

“Mom why are we here?”

“I thought that you deserved a treat…” I smiled and hopped out of the car and ran inside sitting myself= in my special seat where I always sit when we come to Dairy Queen. My mom came in shortly after me smiling at me and orders the Ever special (what I get all the time) and her special.


I woke up to a delightful smell and look over to see Nash eating a hamburger I licked my lips now thinking how hunger I am. Nash notices I was up and looks over at me, “Hey Ever you hungry?”

I nod my head and he grabs another burger he had on his lap and gave it to me, I take it greedily and devoured it in three bits.

“Wow there eat any faster you might choke…? I smiled and shrugged, he then take the last bit of hamburger I had left out of my hand to make me slow down. I swallowed the hamburger I had in my month before and tackled him for the rest I finally got it and shoved it into my mouth. I sat back down in my seat and felt my phone vibrate…

Cameron: Hey why aren’t you answering

Me: Sorry Cam I fell asleep and just woke up.

Cameron: Cam? is that my new nickname? and that’s alright you need your sleep.

Me: Yeah I guess if you want it to be your nickname…

Cameron: Well you are pretty so yeah I accept if I get to call you Ever Lynn not just Ever…

Me: Fine but not in front of people I don’t want anyone to start calling me that.

As I was about to read Cameron’s text my phone was pulled from my grasp,

“Who ya texting,” Nash started to smirk and scrolled through my message until I yanked it from him.

“Why do you care?” I was now a bit mad.

“Wow calm down Ever I didn’t mean to upset you.” I looked at him and his smile reassured me.

“Hey can I have your number Ever?” I gave him my phone and he gave me his (of course he has a Iphone 6 plus also) I sighed and started to type in my number. I handed it back to him and reached for mine, he took a cute picture of himself for his profile picture.

“Hey I saw you had Cameron’s number in there I recognized it…” I was shocked he knew Cam?

“Wait you know Cameron?” He looked at me as if I just asked him the dumbest question ever.

“Yeah me and him have been best friends forever, I can’t believe he got to you before me” at that he huffed in denial. I just laughed and turned to the window when my phone buzzed again.

Cameron: Oh My Freaking Gosh you met Nash my best bro mate!!!

Me: Uh yeah I guess both of us are going to Washington

Cameron: Oh I hope he doesn’t win you over

Me: What is that supposed to mean Cam???

Cameron: Nothing… Well I have to go talk to you later love.

I stuffed my phone into my pocket and pulled out my book, Nash looked over at me and that’s how our next conversation started.

“So where in Washington are you going?”

“Uh Seattle you?”

“Oh my gosh same!” he half shouted half whispered

“That’s cool I guess,”

“Why are you moving there?” he questions

“Well my parents died in a terrible car crash so I moved in with my aunt in Paris but she has cancer and can’t watch over me so I am moving to my Grandparents house in Seattle…”

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have asked…” he looked at me with sad eyes.

“That’s okay it’s been three years since they passed away and I’m doing okay…” he smiled a concerned smile but I accepted it and turned back to the window, we were going to land soon an hour or two.

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