A Couple Hundred Miles Away From You

Ever Lynn met a boy last summer in Germany, Cameron but he lives in North America, California and she lives in England. Her father then gets a promotion in his job and they end up moving to Seattle, Washington. Does she find Cameron or does she meet another boy to fall in love with?


3. School? *Great*

I woke to the sound of an annoying beeping and realized it was an alarm clock that was on the nightstand next to my bed, I rolled over attempting to push the little button to stop the noise I managed to get it. I tried to get out of bed and was caught in the sheets which made me collapse out of bed.

"Ow" I let out a yelped in pain but got up okay, I entered my bathroom and took a quick shower which woke me up, I heard a ring probably from my phone.

"Great," I was in the middle of changing and I tripped on my shoes and fell again, I got up like nothing happened and did my hair, just brushed it out and didn't even bother to put on makeup. I grabbed my phone and mac which I put into my bag and went down stairs. Waiting there for me was a huge breakfast of all kinds of foods, pancakes, waffles, smoothies, eggs, bacon, pie, cake, and orange juice. I went with a smoothie and some pie, I was about to head out but Alexandra stopped me.

"Ever, hold up" I stopped and turn back at her confused.

"What?" she handed me keys I looked at them confused again.

"You're old enough to drive, well your grandparents bought you a vehicle and is awaiting out in the driveway." I was so shocked to move but when she was finishing saying "driveway" I dashed out of the house taking the keys from Alexandra.

The vehicle waiting for me was a black 2015 ferrari 458 spider, my jaw dropped and I ran to the car hugging it (wow I'm acting like a little kid in a candy factory!) I jumped in and started it up. I waved bye to Alexandra and pulled out of the driveway, I was stopped midway of the driveway by Nash of course I got out of the car to see what he wanted.

"Hey" he looked at me to my car, "Is that yours?" he whistled.

"Hey, and yeah my grandparents got it for me so I can drive to school." he smiled well more like a smirk I was a little suspicious.

"So Ever since you have a ride and I don't and hate riding the bus w...." I cut him off,

"Yes I can certainly give you a ride Nash" at that he jumped into the passenger side and was smiling stupidly. I got in and started down the road toward the direction the school was well that was what Nash had said. I pulled into the school's parking lot and found the closest spot to the entrance I hopped out along with Nash and started toward the school. THere were students out in front staring at me, cheerleaders doing practice cheers, jocks giving me looks, geeks studying, and preppy girls that look like trouble. There were three girls a blond, and two brunettes, they started to give me looks and started to walk toward us.

"Hey Nash" the blond one said flirtatiously he sighed and replied to the girl whom I don't know her name.

"Hey Juliet, Delilah, and Maya" he nodded toward the two brunettes.

"Nash" they smirk and then look at me with glares .

"Who is this little tramp you picked up Nashy" Juliet says with a grin, Nash just glares at her.

"Uh this is Ever my neighbor and a pretty girl I met before we flew here" he managed to say without blushing. She turns toward me and I shrink down afraid to death I don't want to make any enemies here.

"Pretty? what are you talking about Nash all I see here is a ugly slut, I don't know what you are seeming Nashy and I thought I was the pretty one?" I was confused with this conversation and a bit offended with the insult Juliet threw at me.

"Excuse me but I am a person who has feelings too..." I nervously say. She looked at my fiercely which scared me even more and then out of the blue I felt a hand come across my face. I was shocked and stood there in pain and Nash didn't do anything about it why not? I felt so humiliated and didn't do anything about it. I looked at Nash who was moving toward Juliet and he wrapped an arm around her shoulder, she turned his head so they're looking eachother in the eyes and she then kisses him? I was so confused by everything happening that I didn't know what to do but stare I think Juliet noticed me and stopped what she was doing.

"What jealous sorry that Nash has a girlfriend already but in your case you never had a chance with him and in fact you have no chance with anyone here so you might as well move back to where you came from." I was hurt now and ran away crying, but why I didn't like Nash like that well it didn't matter I had to focus on school. 

I ran inside not paying any attention to my surroundings, since I wasn't paying any attention I ended up on the floor with a major headache. I let out a moan and look at what or who I ran into it was a boy with light brown hair with a hint of blond and green eyes he had glasses on well he did but were knocked of his face. I sat there awkwardly until he reached for his glasses and then for me I took his hand generously and apologized.

"It's okay, hey your the new girl uh.... Ever right?" I nodded my head and he smiled.

"So where you headed because I can help you with anything you need?" I sighed in relief,

"Uh yeah that would be nice I need to find the administrations office?" he knew exactly and took my arm hurdley and pulled me to the office.

"I will wait for you out here okay?" 

"Okay" I said shyly and then entered the office, there was a little old fat lady with bright red lipstick and a pink wide dress on she had her bright red hair pulled back into a bun and her glasses hung from a necklace thingy at her neck. She greeted me with a half smile and held up a finger towards me,

"I will be with you in a second sweetie" and she returned to her phone call. It didn't last long she handed me my student ID and my schedule, I took in a exited the office and there waited the green eyed boy he looked up and walked toward me. 

"Here let me see your schedule" he took it and examined it quickly.

"Just as I thought we have all the same classes together great, oh wait I'm am sorry I never introduced myself I am Fryer Aaron Fryer" I took his hand that he offered toward me and shook it.

"Nice to meet you I am Ever Lynn Addison" he smiled again

"You have a beautiful name Ever" I blushed and started to follow him.

"So I saw your locker number was 510 and that is close to mine" I nodded and continued to follow him and he stopped right next my locker putting my combination in for me. I thanked him again and started to unload my stuff into the locker.

"Um... what class do we have first?" he knew the answer quick of course.

"That would be Algebra ," at that I took out my math notebook and a pencil. We walked into the classroom and he had me sit next to him, I sat quietly until the bell rang and that was when Nash walked in late with lipstick marks on his neck *gross*

"Mr. Grier why are you late again today?" The teacher scolded Nash looked and in directly in the eye to reply.

"Well if you have to know I was with my girlfriend, walking her to class even and happened to be late..." he stopped and smiled, the teacher waved him away and started class when he turned his eyes landed on me.

"Oh well class today we have a new student here, would you like to come up here and tell us about yourself hon?" I got up and stood in the front nervous like crazy. 

"Um...my name is Ever Addison" I said slowly the teacher smiled and asked me questions,

"So where did you move from?"

"I originally lived in London and then moved to Austria when my parents died to live with my aunt, but when my aunt got cancer I moved here in Seattle with my grandparents" I answered a little more calmly. Some people stared jaw dropped at me,

"London right? then how come you have perfect English?"

"I studied it in Austria because I knew I was going to move here and I learn also in London so yeah"

He dismissed me saying he hopes I have a great year here and I sat my self down. The day went on boringly and by the end of the day was over and I went home, I only made one friend and that was Aaron he did give me his number and I with him. My hone buzzed three times two from Aaron and one from Nash great I checked Aaron's first.

Aaron: Hey Ever

Aaron: Just checking it was you

Me: Yeah it is

He didn't reply probably was busy so I went on to Nash's

Nash: Look I'm sorry for what happened today with Juliet she doesn't really get that way just wanted to check if you were okay?

I didn't reply I was still mad at him for being a complete jerk. I walked to my car and threw my bag in the passenger seat and entered it. I started the car and drove home, there were no cars in the driveway so I parked the car and noticed the door was locked but I also noticed that Alexandra had a house key on my key chain. I unlocked the door and entered the house on the table there was a letter for me,


I went to a meeting and won't be back until 11 pm, Alexandra had the day off because her grandmother died so she went to her funeral, I had chinese delivered to the house so it should be here around six see you tomorrow morning love you sweetie


I left the letter on the table and took my bag upstairs to my room, I threw everything on my bed and went into my closet to pick out a lounging outfit and tomorrow's outfit which was a black sweater and in white print said PINK and white skinny jeans with my tan ugg slippers.

I started my homework around five and then heard the door bell ring I ran down stairs and opened to reveal the delivery man he handed my food to me and said it was already paid for I ran back upstairs and ate my food while watching stupid reality TV shows. After I finished I took a quick shower and hopped into bed at that I fell right to sleep.

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