A Couple Hundred Miles Away From You

Ever Lynn met a boy last summer in Germany, Cameron but he lives in North America, California and she lives in England. Her father then gets a promotion in his job and they end up moving to Seattle, Washington. Does she find Cameron or does she meet another boy to fall in love with?


4. Expecting the unexpected

The sound of the alarm clock blazed in my ear making me roll over off the bed once again, I got up a groaned I enter my closet and awaiting me there was my outfit for today I threw on my cloths and did my hair in a braid. I grabbed my bag and keys, I was at the top of the stairs when the door bell rang and I saw Alexandra rushing to the door to greet a puffy eyed Nash *What happened to him?* I ran down the stairs now giving Nash a hug and Alexandra dismissed herself with a smirk/sad look, he now was balling into my neck,

"N-nash Nash, what's wrong?" I tried to say pulling him off of me.

"Juliet broke up with me" he sniffed while wiping his tears from his eyes onto his sweater,

"Really? why" I was a little happy but sad that Nash has to go through all of this pain.

"S-she s-said that t-there w-was n-no m-more s-spark" he managed to let out, I sighed and took him in my arms calming him.

"Hey Nash it will be okay, Okay? but right now we are going to be late so why don't you hop in my car and we will go and get something to eat?" He nodded his head in agreement and ran to my car I quickly unlocked it.

"BYE ALEXANDRA!" I yelled to her from the door and left, Nash sat in the passenger seat hopping up and down with his dumb smile plastered on his face. 

"God he is such a dork" I whispered and entered the vehicle.

"So would you like to go and get to eat?" I questioned him nervously because I felt that he would want to go somewhere that I don't like.

"How about Denny's I heard they had the best pancakes in town, and after can we go to Starbucks I need coffee." At that I laughed and nodded in agreement, Denny's was just in town by the minimart and Starbucks was across the street. We entered into Denny's and was greeted by a tall blonde girl that wore to much makeup and had a Denny's uniform on. She smiled at Nash but glared at me I just returned her a smile as she seated us at a table. She handed us each a menu and then left to serve other people in the restaurant, I already decided on my meal which was two chocolate chip pancakes and some sausage patties Nash went with the same but had eggs with his. Our waitress returned and got our order, she had water for us and left to give our order to the chef, we waited there for 20 minutes until she came back with our food I thanked her and Nash already started shoving food into his mouth the girl only laughed and walked away. 

We finished our food and our waitress came back with our bill which was $23.98, I started to take out my wallet but Nash beat me to it and handed her the money in return she gave him a folded up piece of paper probably her number. I rolled my eyes as he took it and began to get my stuff ready to go we left and started towards Starbucks I'm not a huge fan but I do love their Iced Lattes but that is pretty much. The latte I got cost $9.10 and Nash's coffee costed him $8.10, 

"Dang why is this coffee so expensive, is it super coffee?" Nash asked and I shrugged and grabbed my latte I checked to see how much time we had and started to freak out.

"Nash! we have twenty minutes before first period begins come on, I rushed him to the car and drove as fast as I could sure it was speeding but I was not going to be late because Nash had a crappy morning. I pushed on the gas peddle more to speed up we got into the school parking lot and rushed inside, the bell rang just in time when me and Nash entered the room.

"Mr. Grier and Miss. Addison now why may you two be late today?" our teacher asked suspiciously while his eyes shifted from me to Nash.

"Well Mr. Johnson every morning I like to boost my energy with a nice hot cup of coffee and here Miss. Addison came with me to enjoy a latte herself..." I budged in saying

"Um Mr. Johnson technically we are not late the bell rang when or feet were in the room so if you would to count us late that would be false information..." I said without hesitation but regret it now with the look he was giving me I knew this wouldn't end well. His glare burned into me and he pointed to where I sat as if telling me to sit now so I did and Nash sat behind me, I felt someone staring at me and glanced back to see Juliet glaring at me. I turned suddenly back to Mr. Johnson's attention and tried to ignore Juliet which was hard sense she kept her eyes on me the entire time. When the first bell rang ending class I grabbed my stuff and walked to my locker, I twisted my lock pad putting my combo in and was slammed into my locker and fell on my butt my hair was being pulled upward and my face into the hallway light. The light was so bright that I couldn't tell who had me in their grip, a throbbing sensation went through my head as they slammed my head into the lockers and left me there everything went black.

I woke in a white room with puppy posters saying to stay healthy were all over the walls and I realized I was in the nurse's office I felt my hand get squeezed and looked or to see Nash tearing up. I reached out to him but couldn't move everything hurt and ached I let out a moan, I guess I surprised Nash because now he was wide eyed now staring at me saying things but I could not hear what he was trying to tell me.

"Ever are you okay?" that I heard now my head was throbbing in pain and I gave him the thumbs up because I couldn't make out the words. He sighed in relief,

"Well the ambulance is coming anyway to make sure that you are okay, Okay?" I gave him another thumbs up and fell asleep.

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