Holly Elizabeth has been infected by the Othre, and she has caught the eye of a threatening and terrifyingly lethal creature: the Gryphon. Even after Holly has passed the infection on, and she no longer has the Othre in her system, the Gryphon is still on the hunt...and Holly Elizabeth is his prey. But the Gryphon is not the only one stalking Holly. There is another being, known simply as "the One". The One has seen something in Holly. The One wants control of her soul...and the One always gets what it wants.
In this stunning and chilling thriller, experience a whole new kind of fear as Holly Elizabeth fights to prove that her soul is forever hers...always hers...and only hers.


1. Prologue

Her breaths were sharp, heavy, slicing through the chilly night air like a cutter’s razor blade through skin, and her footsteps echoed through her head with every pounding step against the pavement. The wind took her hair in its fingers and lifted it, violently tossing the strands around her head.


    He was coming.


    She forced her trembling legs to push harder, let her run faster, and she  struggled to ignore the icy blade that was being forced into her stomach.


    He was coming for her, and he would catch her.


    Fruitlessly, she kept running, and he slowly drew closer.


    No one could outrun the Gryphon.


    She heard the whisper of feathers as he unfolded his wings, and her pounding heart plummeted into her stomach. There was no hope left. He would catch her.


    And she would die.

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