Holly Elizabeth has been infected by the Othre, and she has caught the eye of a threatening and terrifyingly lethal creature: the Gryphon. Even after Holly has passed the infection on, and she no longer has the Othre in her system, the Gryphon is still on the hunt...and Holly Elizabeth is his prey. But the Gryphon is not the only one stalking Holly. There is another being, known simply as "the One". The One has seen something in Holly. The One wants control of her soul...and the One always gets what it wants.
In this stunning and chilling thriller, experience a whole new kind of fear as Holly Elizabeth fights to prove that her soul is forever hers...always hers...and only hers.


10. Nine

    “Hol! You will not believe what I just heard.”

    Holly turned to face Lauren , slinging her bag over her shoulder. “What?”

    “We have a new English teacher! Like, a real one! Not just a measly sub!” Lauren gushed.

    Holly blinked. “What? Seriously? That was fast...I guess that means that whatever’s wrong with Mrs. Kimley is serious...”

    Lauren shrugged. “Yeah, must be. But, hey, you know what else I heard?” Lauren leaned closer to Holly, dropping her voice to a whisper. “He’s really hot. Like, GQ hot.”

Holly rolled her eyes, playfully shoving her best friend away. “Yeah, right. You know, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. He’s probably a wrinkled old prune.”

“Oh, come on, Holly! I highly doubt it. I mean, you should have seen Savannah swooning just at the thought of him!” Lauren recalled. “I’m telling you, someone’s going to pass out as soon as they see him, because he is so damn hot.”

“Lauren, you haven’t even see him.” Holly reminded her.

“Oh, but I will!” Lauren sang gleefully.


    The girls turned, and Lauren groaned loudly when she saw Rachel standing a foot away. “Oh, come on, Rachel. This is getting old now.”

    Rachel just stared at Holly with dead, unforgiving eyes. “He is here, Holly. The One is here for you.

    “You should be careful.”



The Gryphon can sense the One’s presence.

What is It doing here? How did it find Holly Elizabeth so quickly?

The Gryphon narrows his eyes, watching as Holly enters her chemistry class.

She pauses in the doorway and looks back, sensing that someone is watching her. After a quick scan of the hall, she turns and walks into the classroom.

The Gryphon turns away and prowls the halls invisibly, searching for the human who serves as the One’s host.


The Gryphon is searching for me.

I must get to Holly Elizabeth before he can take her away from me.

I must have her soul.

It is so beautiful...so radiant...so full of power.

I must have it.

I must have Holly Elizabeth.

I will bind myself to her soul, even if it is the last thing I do.

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