Holly Elizabeth has been infected by the Othre, and she has caught the eye of a threatening and terrifyingly lethal creature: the Gryphon. Even after Holly has passed the infection on, and she no longer has the Othre in her system, the Gryphon is still on the hunt...and Holly Elizabeth is his prey. But the Gryphon is not the only one stalking Holly. There is another being, known simply as "the One". The One has seen something in Holly. The One wants control of her soul...and the One always gets what it wants.
In this stunning and chilling thriller, experience a whole new kind of fear as Holly Elizabeth fights to prove that her soul is forever hers...always hers...and only hers.


6. Five


    The One is my master, and I am his servant.

    Gregory Kyle weaved through the crowd of the busy train station, his watchful eyes not quite hidden under his navy blue hood.

    The One has asked me to kill again.

    I must obey the One’s orders.

    Kyle scanned the bustling crowd, searching for a victim that would meet his master’s approval.


    The One spoke as Kyle’s eyes landed on a young, vibrant woman. She looked to be around twenty years old, and was purely stunning with long black waves of hair and piercing blue eyes. Kyle felt a surge of lust as he gazed upon her enticing, curvy body, modestly covered in a simple outfit of jeans, boots, a long-sleeved T-shirt, and a sexy black leather jacket.

   Can I play with her first?

    The One laughed. You can do whatever you please, as long as it ends with her death.

    Kyle couldn’t stop a smile from creeping across his face. He quickly wiped most of it away as he turned and walked towards the girl.

    She looked up as he approached, eyes wary. Kyle could tell that she was giving him a quick up-and-down scan, and that she liked what she saw.

    There was a flicker of desire in those icy blue eyes.

    Kyle spoke.

    “Hey, hon. I was wondering if you’d like to get a bite to eat?”


    The One gave Kyle the words he needed to gain the girl’s trust. About five minutes after trading names as they walked up the block, she was already inviting him to her apartment. On the outside, Kyle’s smile was friendly, but on the inside, it was a maniacal grin. Kyle and Sylvia quickly finished their scones and coffee, paid the waitress, and exited the cafe. Sylvia led Kyle through a couple of run-down neighborhoods before finally approaching a decent-looking apartment building with brick walls and a bright blue front door. She flashed a smile at him as she unlocked the door to her apartment and invited him inside.

    Kyle stood back and watched as Sylvia slowly stripped to her underclothes, a matching set of lacy pink bra and panties that looked purely amazing on her. Once she was undressed, Kyle stripped to his boxers, kicking his clothes aside. He walked towards her, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her hungrily. She kissed back, full of fire and passion. He felt Sylvia’s hands running up and down his back, and he copied the motion. He began kissing her neck, and she moaned with pleasure. They had slowly been moving closer to the bedroom, and Sylvia reached a hand behind her to open the door.  Sylvia sat on the edge of the bed, wrapping her legs around Kyle’s waist. He pulled her up off the bed, and then it was her arms and her legs that were wrapped around him. They kissed, tongues dancing, until Kyle finally moved onto the bed, Sylvia underneath him, and they both gave in to animal urges.


    When it was done, and they were left lying side by side between the sweaty sheets, the One spoke to Kyle again.

    You’ve had your fun, now get the job done. Ask her to shower with you. Do it there. You know the way.

    Kyle placed his hand on Sylvia’s cheek, and she looked at him, blue eyes wild with leftover excitement.

    “Shower with me?” he asked her, and she nodded. They both slid out of the bed and walked into the surprisingly large bathroom. Sylvia turned on the shower, stepping in before him.

    Kyle saw what he would use to end her life.

    He followed her into the hot stream of water. They kissed under its hot spray, but Kyle kept his eyes wide open, reaching around Sylvia to grab the cheap, disposable razor that she had on the shelf. She felt the movement of his arm and startled, breaking the kiss.

    The razor was already at her neck, and she gazed at him with wide eyes. The excitement of earlier was now replaced with fear. “Please...no...” she whispered.

    He kissed her one last time, then drew the sharp blade across her jugular. Sylvia coughed and sputtered as blood sprayed from the wound. Kyle caught her as she fell, gently lowering her to the tub’s slippery base.

    And it looks like a suicide. The One purred. Very well done, Gregory Kyle.

    Very well done.

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