Iballisticsquid Trivia

Iballisticsquid the famous youtuber who plays a sandbox ga,e called..... He is also a person who has lots of subs and likes on his videos. This is especially for the fans of iballisticsquid. This trivia was made on 16th November 2015 (12.09 GMT) this is something you will need. No looking at the wikipedia


4. Where to submit

Go and do the quiz on a piece of paper like chapter 1 question 1 and answer, scan and submit it on a user called Squid Nugget with no picture on Facebook. I will check your answers and i will post the name of the user and write the percent, that user scored. If you want to know what question you go correct and wrong please follow me on that name.


Writer: Squiddy (Naveed, age 12, Maldivian)

Special thanks goes to: Stampylongnose, Iballisticsquid, Fearadubh, Nicole and  L for Leeeeeee 

Writer biography: Naveed is a 12 year old boy who is obsessed with playing Minecraft and also gets insparation from Iballisticsquid, Stampylongnose, Fearadubh and L for Leeeeeee.

Please please please please follow me on my Facebook account and it will be 

beneficial for the people who do this trivia quiz so good luck on the quiz. 


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