Iballisticsquid Trivia

Iballisticsquid the famous youtuber who plays a sandbox ga,e called..... He is also a person who has lots of subs and likes on his videos. This is especially for the fans of iballisticsquid. This trivia was made on 16th November 2015 (12.09 GMT) this is something you will need. No looking at the wikipedia


1. Personal Life

 1. What is Iballistocsquids' real name?

2. Where is he from?(with country, region, accent)

3. How old is he?

4. Does Iballisticsquid have a brother or sister?

5. Who is his brother or sister?

6. Does he have a girlfriend?

7. Who is his girlfriend?   

8. Is he married?

9. Does he have any pets? How many? What are they called?

10.Who are his best friends?

11. What kind of phone did he have and what kind does he have now?

12. What kind of car did he have and what kind of car does he have now?

13. What is his address as of right now?😀(not many know, but I know)




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