Iballisticsquid Trivia

Iballisticsquid the famous youtuber who plays a sandbox ga,e called..... He is also a person who has lots of subs and likes on his videos. This is especially for the fans of iballisticsquid. This trivia was made on 16th November 2015 (12.09 GMT) this is something you will need. No looking at the wikipedia


2. Fun lif

1. When did he started youtube?

2. What game did he play the most?

3. Who did he do his first ever modded series?

4. What kind of computer does he have?

5. On what does he play Minecraft on?

6. What did he did when he first started Minecraft?

7. Did he build a pirate ship?

8. Who many modded series did he do on Minecraft? (specific number)

9. How many adventure maps did he do with stampy?(specific number)

10. How many maps (including death runs) did he do with FearADubh? (specific number)

11. Who helps him the most in his slippery sky island challenges?

12. How many subscribers does he have?

13. Who like to annoy Iballisticsquid in his adventure maps?

14. What kind of consoles does he have?

15. What other on Minecraft games does he play? (Names if them with the number of videos made this this date)

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