The perfect life

Bridie has the perfect life! Until one day when everything changes and she's left with nothing. Will she know how to cope??


6. The new beginning

"Welcome to Brighton boarding school for girls or BBSG. I'm miss Stalldang and I am the headmistress" said a soppy old lady.

So far I was already thinking this was going to be horrid. I followed her to one of eight a long hallway.

"This is the room for 14 year olds, perfect for you!" She said, whilst opening the door.

~later that night~

It was a large room with 20 beds in total (10 on each side). I took the end bed on the right hand side. It had an old, tiny, creaky bed and a bedside table with two drawers. I set up the thin, whispy sheets she gave me and put on the pillowcase. Once I had set up my bed and unpacked my clothes in the bedside table drawers, it was time for supper. I walked in to the dining hall, I didn't have any friends, so I didn't know where to sit.

"Well don't just stand there like a meerkat looking for food. Take a seat!" Said a young girl about my age, sitting on the table in front of me. I quickly sat just as miss Stalldang was clearing her throat. "Tonight we will be having steak with brussel sprouts" she said with a cheering grin on her face.

Authors note:

Hi everyone! Hope you still like the story! I will be updating the rest tomorrow. Xxx

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