The perfect life

Bridie has the perfect life! Until one day when everything changes and she's left with nothing. Will she know how to cope??


7. the letter

I took the letter to the room and placed it on my bedside table. I lied down on the creaky old bed and turned my head to the letter. I just lay there staring at it, wondering if it was mixed up with someone else's letter. I flipped the envelope over and saw there was no return address. Just my name on the front.

In the end I decided to call Zoe. I walked down the endless hallway, until I reached the headmistress office. I slowly turned the handle and walked in.

" umm... Miss Stalldang, can I please make a phone call" I said, shaking a little bit.

"Yes you may, but make it quick. It is almost time for bed" she replied sternly, not looking up at all. I walked down the hall to the rusty old phone sitting on a small table. They take all our technology away, they say it's to 'stimulate our brain'. I dial in the number I remember and let it ring.

" hello?" Zoe says on the other line.

" hi, yes I need your help. I received a mystyrious letter today and I don't recognise the hand writing at all and all that's written on the envelope is my name. No addresses. I'm really freaked out, can you help me?" I said rushing my voice so fast, she probably didn't understand me at all.

" ummm... I think you have the wrong number" said the girl on the other end. By now I realise it's not Zoe, even though I was sure it was her number.

" KATE!!!" I scream, over the moon with joy.

" Bridie!?" She replies, sounding hopeful.

The line drops and I call her name and she doesn't reply.

" no calls after eight thirty" boomed a strong, manly voice.

I turned around to see one of the teachers on patrol.

"Sorry sir, I won't do it again" I said, trying not to make eye contact with him

Hi everyone! Hope you're enjoying the story and I hope it's not too boring and long. Please leave a comment!:)

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