The perfect life

Bridie has the perfect life! Until one day when everything changes and she's left with nothing. Will she know how to cope??


2. School day

As I walk through the school doors a load of people start crowding me and Kate (my bestie) with ton of Christmas presents. Everyone follows us to our lockers and try to fit a billion presents in.

After hours of trying, it doesn't work. So I decide to visit my principal. "Good morning principal Schneider! I was wondering if Kate and I could have the store room next to our lockers. We need it to fit all our wonderful presents from our admirers" I say with the sweetest voice possible.

" Of course Bridie! I'm surprised you even asked, I automatically assumed you were one step ahead" she said whilst handing us the key. "Oh and one more thing" she told us while reaching into her desk drawer. She pulled out two massive presents and handed them to us. Mine was wrapped perfectly in gold wrapping paper and a silver bow on top. Kate's was wrapped in silver wrapping paper with a gold bow on top. I thanked her for the gift and left.

We filled the store room to its brim and headed off. This was going to be an exciting last day!

Authors note:

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying the story so far. I would love it if you left me some suggestions in the comments. There will be more chapters coming soon. Xxx 😃

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