The perfect life

Bridie has the perfect life! Until one day when everything changes and she's left with nothing. Will she know how to cope??


3. Home for the holidays

We decided to stay home this Christmas, because we live in the British country side and we need to take care of all the animals.

There are a lot of people in our family. Nine kids and two parents. Our surname is sugg (yes the youtuber Zoella is my older sister). It goes dad (47), mum (45), Zoe (25), Joe (24), Patrick (19), Kieran (17), William (15), Bridie (14), Edith (5), Millie (2.5) and Ava (7 months). I love my whole family. Including my pets! My favourite animals are horses and dogs. We have 5 horses and 4 dogs. My horse is Matilda/Tilly and my dog is Pippin!

~two weeks later~

"Zoe!!!!!!!" I yell, over the moon with joy. I give her a massive hug. Then Alfie and Joe walk in and I give them big hugs and kisses. Tomorrows Christmas Eve and I'm super duper excited! I run up to my bedroom and tap three times on the wall. I get five knocks back. Kate and I live next to each other and our rooms share a wall. Three taps mean 'do you want to come over?' And four knocks mean 'you know it!'

Kate comes over and says hi to Zoe. We all sit down for a lovely meal. "Could you please run up and get Ava for me?" Says my mum. I quickly run up to her crib and carry her down stairs, giving her a little kiss on her forehead.

Authors note:

I'm sooty about the weird font changes, my iPad is really glitchy.

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