The perfect life

Bridie has the perfect life! Until one day when everything changes and she's left with nothing. Will she know how to cope??


4. Christmas

I woke up and Zoe was already awake, on her phone. I gave her a hug and said good morning. I stood up and walked over to my walk-in wardrobe, I slipped my feet into fuzzy sock and Uggs, then wrapped my body in a warm dressing gown. Zoe had braided my hair the night before. I walked over to my balcony doors and opened them wide. The sun was shining through the winter chill and it felt amazing!

"Hey brides (my nickname) could you please get me a nice hot cup of tea?" Zoe said giving me massive puppy dog eyes.

"Sure zozeebo, anything for my big sis" I said with sarcasm.

As I was walking down the stairs, Edith came up behind me and scared me! I asked her why she was up so early and she told me it was because she wanted to see what Father Christmas had gotten her! How cute! <3

I was walking up stairs with three cups of christmas spice tea and Edith was trying to sneak down again, but I gave her a lecture telling her how important it is to wait for everyone and she sulked her way back to bed. I gave Zoe her tea and put mine down on my bedside table. I walked into my mums room to wake her up with a nice hot cup of tea, but before mum woke up, Ava did. She started crying and woke up mum in a non-pleasant way.

~two hours later~

I fell back asleep for two hours until eight, when I was woken up by screaming children jumping in the end of my bed. We raced down the stairs, just as mum was yelling out "TIME FOR PRESENTS!!!!" She screamed at the tippy top of her lungs. Millie and Edith dived head first into a massive pile of presents.

After we were stuffed and had opened all our presents, my mum came out with a small box for me.,I opened it up and it was a beautiful golden locket! She told me I could fill it with whatever photos I wanted.

Then I had an idea!💡 I told everyone (including Kate) to meet me in the garden it two minutes. I quickly raced up the stairs, grabbed my $600 camera and raced back down faster than you can say 'merry Christmas'.

We all gathered round and I took the photo. It turned out wonderfully! 😃 I the gathered all the animals and took a photo of them! Just for fun!

Authors note:

Hi guys! Hope it's still interesting for you! I am really enjoying writing it. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Xxx😃

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