Diary of an antisocial person

Where I write about about things that probably will make you laugh, because my life is a joke!


10. Entry 9


So today was really weird (not even music could help this) So I woke up late this morning because I stayed up late last night, that meant that I was made late for school so I had to rush. Also I had to get all my things ready for cooking class because we had an assessment (we made afternoon tea) So for the afternoon tea  I thought I would make mini bonnofie pies. So I had to get all that stuff ready, then while I was rushing around I realized that I hadn't done my make up. 
I couldn't find my best mascara so I had to use my mums clumpy one that doesn't dry for ages. So after I had finished my make up I had to run part of the way to school otherwise I wouldn't have made it, by the time I had finished running I felt like I was going to vomit and my throat felt like someone had poured ice down it and to top it all off it decided to rain so by the time I got to school I looked like I had just been pushed into a pool. But as I sat down in assembely I started to look in my bag for my hair brush and as I dug around in the bottom of my bag, I FOUND MY BEST MASCARA!!!!!! I quickly put it on, but I still looked like as mess. By the time maths rolled around I had this boy in my maths class asking me if he could re-do my make up with a blue highlighter because it wouldn't make much difference

So I rushed out of maths with my friend when class had ended to the toilet, where I had to re-apply my make up and then I had to take my ingredients to my food class. But when I got to my food class it dawned on me: I had forgotten the biscutis for the base of my pie. So I had to run up to my chapter office to ask if I could call my mum and ask her to bring in the biscutis.
Thankfully she said yes and I could go and collect them at lunch time from reception. So after all that I went outside to finnish off what little I had of break time left. 

After break I had drama, which was okay because we where watching the rest of legally blond the musical, so the lights where all off, and when the lights go off in the drama studio it's as black as my soul in the room, so me and my friend sat at the back of the studio and listened to music all lesson (All time low for me, 5sos for her) 

After drama we had history, I hate my history teacher, and I think he hates me to, so we just have this mutual ground where we don't really interact with each other (he keeps trying to give me detentions for no reason as well.) 

So then after the horrifying history lesson it was time for lunch. Nothing much happened, apart from me getting kicked in the shin. 

Then after lunch it was time for last lesson: I thought last lesson was going to be great, we where  going to be making food.

BUT NO! I didn't bash the biscuits up enough, I broke the bag I was bashing them in, I didn't put enough biscuits in to make a proper base, also there wasn't enough butter with the biscuit crumbs to make them stick together, so I had a crumble,shit base, I mixed the cream so much that it nearly turned into butter and I didn't heat up the toffee enough so the shitty biscuit base got all caught up in it, then the cream was sloppy, but in the end I just covered up the mistake pie with bananas and it looked fine!

Then on the way home, I saw two girls walking horses around the town (I don't live in the country side so it's not common to see little ponies walking around on your commute home) Then my back started hurting, then I saw a fight between two brothers, and then just as I was about to get into my house I saw my neighbor basically breaking into her own home because her mum kicked her out!

And then when I got home, I wrote a little bit of a story in google docs, listened to music, had a cup of tea, assumed the sofa crease and scrolled through tumblr, while watching the box set of modern families. 


And now my friend is trying to call me and my back is hurting again do I m going to have to go sort that out!

Bye! xxx





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