Diary of an antisocial person

Where I write about about things that probably will make you laugh, because my life is a joke!


9. Entry 8


So a lot has been going on in my life recently... well more than usual.

First of all my brother came home with his girlfriend, who I have acquired a certain dislike for because I told her and my brother a couple of weeks ago that I really want to go to the twenty one pilots concert in February and also that I want to go to see Panic! at the disco and I want to go to the next warped tour. Then when they come back to our house they're all like "ohhhh yeah we're going to see them now!" They didn't even know about the twenty one pilots tour until I told them, they haven't even bothered to invite me! Then the worst part is she had this smug smile on her face as she said this, she only does it to lure my brother away, little does she know I am the woman that can make her go from girlfriend to ex real quick. I did it with one of his other girlfriends because she was plain nasty, and this one is spiteful and has smart ass mouth on her that she doesn't know when to close. I know this sounds mean and spiteful but it is all true, I am not making any of this up.

One rant over.

Then OH MY GOOOOOD PINOF 7 CAME OUT (Phil is not on fire 7 for anyone not in the phandom) I cried, laughed and reached my tumblr post/ reblog/ like limit. So many aesthetic photos... Also the exploding "stress mushroom". THEY HELD HANDS, I COULD NOT BREATH!!!! Then the next day at school it was all we could talk about (me and my two friends)

Also as most of you know this week I got to see mockingjay part two!!!!!! Not gonna lie I cried, cried some more, cried even more, cried some more and then some more. I cannot give away anything, lets just say it's like a roller coaster, first you're excited to see it (excited in the line of a roller coaster)  then you get nervous, then you break down into tears and you cry and go through soooooooooooooo many thing and at the end you wanna go again.

And then to top off my week, I got told no one likes me in my friendship group (even thoogh they do, the girl that told me is just horrible) 

But anyways at least I can still speak to an internet diary! 

Bye! xxx 

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