Diary of an antisocial person

Where I write about about things that probably will make you laugh, because my life is a joke!


8. Entry 7


Today I am very distraught, because I had a full day of nothing to do, so I decided to just look at and watch Andy Biersack all day, and now I am very emotionally unstable because of his beauty. I ACTUALLY TURNED DOWN MY NIECES BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATION BECAUSE OF THIS! I just think he's perfect and BVB's music in general is AMAZING  so the fact that I got to look at their beautiful faces all day is just a blessing, and I just completely spazzed out when I found out I had a free day to gaze upon some undiscovered interviews I found on YouTube.

OMG I ALMOST FORGOT! On Thursday I'm going to the cinema with my sister to see Mocking Jay part 2!!!!!!! I am literally soooooo excited!!!! I am a major tribute! I have read every book and seen (nearly) every film!  My sister claims to be a bigger fan but nah! But it's also nice to have someone to have feels with.

Also my brother said he would come home today but decided against it. I really wish he would though because he's the only one who I can really talk to about the bands I like, because my family just say "Omg you're so emo!" and "omg shut up! you're just faking liking them!" But i don't. The Asking Alexandra feels are real.

But also he is the only one I can punch and kick and all that stuff and he will retaliate by play fighting with me, and if I do that with my sisters I get told to f**k off, because apparently "I'm too intense".
It's not my fault growing up one of my two brothers wanted to be a cage fighter (I think he has been now for 2-3 years) and he used to swing me around and tell me to punch him, and my other brother used to play WWE wrestling with me and we used to slam each other so hard onto sofas that we used to get a little concussed (it was mainly me that got a little concussed) Also we used to play BB gun fights around the house and we would end up with little red dots all over us for weeks after one. Also we used to have elastic band fights, where we would shoot elastic bands at each other, and they would never let me win, I would have to win fairly like it was a board game, so I had to pull their hair really hard and stuff (and the WWE brother went through a hard core goth phase so is hair was LONG at one point) Also I was perfect crotch height so the balls where my main target.

Oh my god I just realized I went totally off topic and just sneezed really hard. 

I hope you enjoyed another insight into my "life" 

-Bye xxx


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