Diary of an antisocial person

Where I write about about things that probably will make you laugh, because my life is a joke!


7. Entry 6


I have been sooooooo busy lately!

My history teacher has decided to give us mountains of homework to "get us ready for our GCSE's" couple of years yet sir. I know they say it comes around fast but I don't want to be worrying about something like that right now.

I want to worry about weather my favorite celebrity is getting out of that relationship or not. Or is drake is gonna release a new music video dancing to cheesy elevator music (Hotline bling) Or is M.C.R just suddenly announce that they are getting back together and releasing an album with fall out boy *cries* 

But also I have felt very down and depressed lately, y'know just really sad and feeling really withdrawn and disgusting.

But also Wednesday my "friend" lets call her fern decided to take my P.E bag and chuck everything out of it onto the courtyard floor of our school, which had my muddy shoes and my friends muddy shoes in it. I called her a very rude word (I will not write it in this book diary thing) 

So after school I had to apologize to my friend because my other friend decided to chuck our stuff everywhere.   


Also while I was walking home with said good friend (lets call her izzy) we got really deep and all that. It's strange because whenever I talk to friends we either get really deep with each other and pop open secrets like the faulty back of a car or get onto really depressing subjects.


Oh yeah and I was invited to loads of parties as well (haha not really, I have no social life!)

So yeah to sum up my week, it's been sick days, bullies, feeling useless and getting deep with friends. (I have just noticed that sounds very wrong, I am so sorry) 


Bye! xxx

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