Diary of an antisocial person

Where I write about about things that probably will make you laugh, because my life is a joke!


5. Entry 4


So today was weird.

S basically started with me waking up (which is just weird in itself) but seriously. I thought I had my planner in my bag as I rushed out of the door Ready for another fun filled day of school! :|. So when I got into tutor at school we had to take out our planners for inspection. But I couldn't find it. No amount of rummaging in my bag was going to grace me with my planner because I had left it at home on my mums craft table. So it was off the the Chapter office I trudged to get a temporary planner and a break time detention.

So after that I went back to tutor for a bit and then it was to English to sit next to mister nasty pants. but today he wasn't nasty to me more... nice?  But anyway after that I had to go to science where a girl fainted half an hour before the end of the lesson, then I had to go to the break time detention. Then after break I went to drama, miss put us in our groups today, so we din't get to do it ourselves, but in the end I still got to be in a group with Simon. Also this other boy called Samuel. 
We where doing physical theater today (making things with your body) and when we all made a bag and Samuel had to "pick us up" He accidentally grabbed my pony tail and ripped some of my hair out (I still feel the pain!) After that I had D.T (Design Technology with wood) and did nothing in that lesson, so basically we had a free period! Then I had maths last... noting happened in that so I guess that was my day. 

(Sorry this is really rushed because I have to do something) 


Bye! xxx  

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