Diary of an antisocial person

Where I write about about things that probably will make you laugh, because my life is a joke!


4. Entry 3

Hey! (*All names used in these diary entries are altered as to protect the identity of the person) 

So today I had to go back to school after an extended weekend (by two days! :0) It was hard,tough emotionally challenging (and that was just trying to get up! xD)

But seriously in English my teacher gave us a new seating plan, I'm sat next to a complete dick head. His name! I shall not tell you!! But I got his name rubbed off the bored (because in secondary school we still do that!) he was still horrible to me. But y'know  we are gonna have to stay in this seating plan for a while so he might as well get used to me.
I said he had no friends (it's true) But yesterday night I forgot we had English homework due in but my teacher let us do it in class instead, I only got one paragraph done because I kept on turning around to my friend *Simon, he's a great friend and camp which is amazing! 

also today I had p

P.E we're doing dance (which I'm awful at, but it was either that or hockey which the teachers   get scared when I do)  But me *Sara ,*Amelia and Fiona where all in a group together, me and Amelia pretended to be married, which was really odd, we made up a really crappy dance to show and then went home.

Tomorrow I have drama! I LOVE drama so much! My Drama teacher used to be my sisters tutor and plus she's had me for 3 years now so she's goes easy on me. Also I have *Amelia and *Simon in my class so we always go in a group together and some how manage to get some work done!  

But yeah I think that's it! 



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