Diary of an antisocial person

Where I write about about things that probably will make you laugh, because my life is a joke!


2. Entry 2


I thought instead of opening my diary with "Dear Diary" I would open it with: Hey! because then I don't sound like I'm writing to someone I know! because, Hey I just met you! (Carly rey jephsen, I don't know how you spell that girls name).


So I just really wanted to tell you what has happened over the past couple of days so.

On Friday we had a non school uniform day at school (which is basically where people come dressed in their own clothes, and get made fun of for what they wear. But that's secondary school for ya. In America this is what you call normal school wear). 

but we had to bring in a  pound because it for children in need.

If you don't know what children in need is, it's basically where you do something that you get sponsored to do and if you do it successfully the sponsors pay you how ever much money they said they would.Or you could do what my school did and hold a bake sale and a non uniform day! and then all the money you make goes to all these places, charities and people in the UK to help young carers, the homeless, disabled people, the elderly and a bunch more like cancer research. But you can also make donations while they put on this live T.V broad cast that show mildly funny sketches, and their mascot is a bear called Pudsey that has a spotty bandanna over one eye.


So anyway back to the who "non uniform" thing, I decide to wear a cat jumper (my Favorite jumper) and I got taken the mick out of for three lessons, until break I decide to take it off and not put it back on. This was a bad idea because besides from a coat that you aren't aloud to wear in lessons I had nothing to protect me from the cold, so I wen around freezing for the rest of the day, YAY! I thought my arms had fallen off because they where numb with cold.   

Then on Saturday, my mum made me clean the kitchen otherwise she wouldn't have bought me the ice-cream that I had REALLY wanted and craved for ages, so when she went shopping I had to clean the hole kitchen, when I was supposed to be spending some quality time with my computer. But in the end when she came back from shopping she said I had to share it out between everyone, which I really didn't want to, but in the end I got most of the pot because nobody in our family really likes chocolate ice cream because they're weird.

Then sunday I relaxed and watched I'm a celebrity and yeah. 

And today well I wrote this and milled around on the internet, also my dads got hacked by randsome ware today so I had to sort that.


But apart from that I have nothing to tell you! so until tomorrow or something!


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