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2. Chapter 1


I S A B E L L A 


"Rene, I need to tell you something." I said while tugging her shirt so she could look at me but it was no use, her body was strong and me? Like a leaf.

"What now Bella!" She said annoyed and tapping her feet against the ground. I can't help but laugh at her cute face. 

"I went to the old Forest you were telling me a while ago. My gold, it was amazing!" Her eyes widen as she placed both of her hands on my shoulder.

"Really Bella?" She asked and I nodded. 

"Did nanny saw you?" I was confused. Who's nanny?

"What nanny are you talking about Rene?" I asked curiously. This nanny seems so, suspicious.

"Oh, the old woman dressed in a fur coat and has those sparkling dazzling blue eyes."


And in my mind, I imagined the old woman I saw in the forest. My jaw dropped, shocked but it was definitely possible because Rene had those baby blue eyes and her family is a collecter of fur coats and her hair was light brown. In other words, she was gorgeous.

"That was your grandma?" I asked and she laughed, "No silly! That was just a friend of mine but she was like a grandma to me so I call her nanny."

That's awkward. 

"Anyways, where is the potion she gave you?" Her eyes began to darken and filled with some mixed up emotions battling and it scared me. I shrugged and left her standing. It was like, Another Rene.



sorry for the short chapter and im relly tired so i write like a 7-year-old IDC. go read my rant book bc idk if its funnybut ithink it is or a lil bit judgy. GO AHEAD ANDREAD



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