''The boy and his salamander''

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  • Published: 16 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 16 Nov 2015
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The childhood of a boy who lives in small Mexican town unexpectedly finishes when an accident turns his life upside down. But the boy's pet-a salamander miraculously helps him recover.


2. chapter two

  Almea tried to console her husband and told him to be strong because of Holden and hugged him again but father's bitter tears couldn't cease from falling.

Very late that day, Holden's mother thought that fate wants they to suffer, that God wants them to give the family a lesson by damaging the most precious in their lives-their only boy. Luckily, Holden survived. He wasn't dead, just couldn't walk. Not any more.


                                                                                             . . .


After a couple of months in the hospital, the eight year old boy came back home in a wheelchair. The first thing he did was to check on Rocco.

-You grew bigger, boy-talked Holden to the salamander and then held it in his hands.

Rocco was swift and naughty and couldn't stay still for a minute. As playing , the boy unwillingly ripped one of the animal legs. They were so small and fragile. Holden felt horrible:

-What I've done!So sorry, buddy! Now you'll have problem with walking.....just like me-said very sadly the little student .

The once energetic boy hardly accepts the fact that he will not be able to walk and run again. How can a child fathom such concept for life?


                                                                                                 . . .


 The following day was quiet. Holden slept until late. The salamander in his room looked totally fine-his four legs were on their places. The amphibian recovered. Miraculously. These creatures require the ability to regenerate their limbs and tail. Holden didn't know that and when he saw through the glass box Rocco was totally alright,he firstly wished inside his numb legs to move again and in a minute ordered his mother to let Rocco free. His heart was torn. The boy in the wheelchair couldn't watch his pet any more.

Almea got rid of the salamander while her son was in the room crying until his eyes went dry. Whose child deserves a destiny like Holden's?


                                                                                                 . . .


Other four racking months have passed by. The happiness in Holden's home faded away.

One day Almea and Daniello proposed their precious son to go to picnic. The boy felt joy he will see nature for the first time after the accident. The fresh air would cheer him up and maybe scatter his thoughts from the problems.


                                                                                                  . . .


 After Holden finished his snack, he distanced himself with the wheelchair from his parents. They preferred to have a nap for a bit.

During this time the eight year old boy reached the edge of a cliff. He was enjoying the marvellous landscape and while watching the azure sky,something surprised him in the wheelchair. It was a salamander who unexpectedly jumped into the child's lap. It was Rocco and Holden immediately recognized it.

-Mom,dad...look-screamed the boy.

 And indeed , Almea and her husband saw something incredible. It was not the amphibian. They saw their son standing on his feet without even realizing it. Holden miraculously could walk again.

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