''The boy and his salamander''

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  • Published: 16 Nov 2015
  • Updated: 16 Nov 2015
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The childhood of a boy who lives in small Mexican town unexpectedly finishes when an accident turns his life upside down. But the boy's pet-a salamander miraculously helps him recover.


1. chapter one

  Holden was long-awaited baby. Almea finally got pregnant after countless attempts. She wanted this baby more than anything else in this world. Almea longed to become a mother for so many years and now God blessed her with a child.

The father of the baby-to-be, Daniello, was also on cloud 9 of happiness.

On a sunny,cloudless day in the small town of San Raffael, a baby boy named Holden took his first breath in the local hospital. From this day on,Almea and Daniello lived only for their son-the light of their lives, their most precious thing on Earth.


                                                                                                  . . .


 Eight years later, Holden turned into handsome,clever and charming child. He was so proud of having an American name in difference of the other Mexican boys.


                                                                                                  . . .


  It was the last day of school. Holden was in second grade and was at the same time happy and sad because he loved his teachers and the classmates but enjoyed the fact that tomorrow will be absolutely free and could do anything he likes.

-Come on, honey,you'll be late!-said Almea to his son.

- Just a minute, mom. I just want to give Rocco some water-explained Holden.

Rocco was boy's pet. But not an ordinary one. Rocco was a salamander who lives in a glass spacious box in Holden's room. Rocco was bought a month ago from a market for exotic animals in the nearest city to San Raffael.

The eight year old student likes very much his unusual pet-friend and takes care of it very diligently.

-Hurry up,boy-reminded again the mother.

-I'm ready-tweeted Holden.

-After school your dad will take you with the car.

-What a treat!Dad never takes me with the car!-explained the student.

-Today's different. To celebrate your last day at school, your dad will take you out eating ice-cream and then watching a movie.

-Hooray!-exclaimed Holden.

-Don't tell him I told you,honey!

-My lips are sealed, mom!

After a hug and a kiss, Holden went out to wait the school bus.


                                                                                                 . . .


The lunch went cold. It was almost 17:00h.Almea was wondering why still her husband and son are not at home. Then, the phone unexpectedly rang. The mother answered:

-Honey,......we are in the hospital. Holden was hit by a car.

-I am on my way-only said Almea and started to cry.

On the way to the hospital, the mother thought what will happen now and sent voiceless prayers to God to protect her only child.


                                                                                                  . . .


 When she got there, firstly she saw Daniello and hugged him strong. Then, the doctor announced the parents that the boy is paralyzed with his both legs.

The father began sobbing:

-Only if I arrived five minutes earlier!-blamed Daniello himself while banging his head on the wall-I ruined not only his childhood but his life!

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