A Simple Life Of A Teenage Boy

A shy and a simple teenage boy falls madly in love with a girl named Jenny at a young age of 13. He does everything to get close to her.
But one day, he finds that she is in love with his best friend. He gives up hope but she appears in front of him in varieties of unexpected events.
Will it be the best thing that ever happened to him or the worst?


2. Lost And Alone- 29th July 2010

25 days after my 13th year of life. My birthday party was truly awesome. I enjoyed a lot during those two days.

Everything's going perfectly well except at my school. My best friend James is moving out of town and I feel a bit depressed. His family is in London so he will be staying there. He was a good friend of mine who used to understand me better than anyone else. We used to share our lunch and even play together all the time during our school and even outside. But after he gets out of this town, it will be a problem for me due to my unsocial character at school. James was all I had so I didn't care much about other friends but now it will be real hard to establish my friendship with others. Besides, I'm feeling a bit lonely without him. I lost one of my best friend from childhood. I hope things will get back to normal soon.

Meanwhile, a light breeze of cold air is flowing in this lonely evening. I see uncountable stars above the sky twinkling along with the bright moon. My mom's calling me for the meal and I hear light screaming voice of my small sister.


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