A Simple Life Of A Teenage Boy

A shy and a simple teenage boy falls madly in love with a girl named Jenny at a young age of 13. He does everything to get close to her.
But one day, he finds that she is in love with his best friend. He gives up hope but she appears in front of him in varieties of unexpected events.
Will it be the best thing that ever happened to him or the worst?


3. Friendship - 2nd August 2010

It's been two weeks since James moved out of this town.

I haven't tried to talk with anyone else in the class. Besides, I'm starting to feel lonely. I'm thinking of establishing my friendship with others but I find awkward to directly talk with them. And suddenly a boy from our class calls me. A boy named Eric who looks thin and is alone all the time. He has a good heart and good intention but few of the boys make fun of him in the class which is why he doesn't talk much with anyone in the class. But he might have thought the same case with me. But I'm not mocked by anyone, I just find hard to establish friendship out of the blue. Anyway I like him and we're becoming good friends. He supports me and I also support him. And one more shocking thing is that some few girls are trying to talk with me. One even asked me my name even though she knows it already. Someone once said, "You can't understand what's in a girl's mind" and now I think that's true. These girls are really annoying sometimes but I'm happy with it. At least they entertain me throughout the day. Or, maybe I'm so handsome that they are attracted in me. Seriously, do I look so handsome?

The day passed on well and I'm here in my lonely evening on my journey to the starry world. My loneliness is fading away thanks to Eric and the girls who keep entertaining me. During this short time I can't imagine that i became good friends with them. Meanwhile, "Look at the stars look how they shine for you" is what I'm listening to right now. The song is named "Yellow" and was produced by Coldplay and it's one of my favorite.

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