A Simple Life Of A Teenage Boy

A shy and a simple teenage boy falls madly in love with a girl named Jenny at a young age of 13. He does everything to get close to her.
But one day, he finds that she is in love with his best friend. He gives up hope but she appears in front of him in varieties of unexpected events.
Will it be the best thing that ever happened to him or the worst?


1. A New Beginning

Tomorrow is my 13th birthday.

I'm entering a new phase of life called Teenage. Basically, teen starts from 12 years to 19 years of age. Don't know what sort of things will occur in my life after tomorrow. But hopefully I wish my days will pass happily. Till now, I have been under my parents help but from now on things will be different. I shouldn't depend on my parents for everything.

It's a sunny day and my friends are playing outside with a big smile on their face. They sit right next to our neighborhood so they often come here in order to play with me. We enjoy a lot during our holidays by playing football. My classes are off today because it's a fourth of July. And tonight, we all are joining a Fireworks show. Mother will make some barbecue and we're going to have some good time with each other. And moreover, I'm pretty much excited to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. But more importantly, I'm expecting big gifts from our relatives. We are a small family of just 4 people including my mother, father, a younger sister and me. But we have a huge relatives related to my mother and father. My sister is just 9 years old and she is loved and cared by everyone in the family. I look after her when my parents are out. She is a cute little sister who comes running after me screaming, "Brother Buy me a chocolate" even though I don't have a single penny. But I somehow manage to keep her happy through the small piggy bank that I own. My father is an international businessman who keeps on travelling different places due to his work. So, he will not be with us. But our mother looks after us and is very loving and caring. This is a small and happy life that I have till now.


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