Life Of The Party (A.I)

A party was all it took.


1. All It Took Was A Party

Skylar's POV
"Look, Taylor, I really want to go, but I just can't. I'll get in trouble. Calum will
kill me." I explained.
"Come on Sky, it'll be fun!" My friend dragged me into this house I've never even been to.
I ended up seeing this kid, blackout drunk and I decided to help him. He had brown
eyes and curly hair. I saw him on the floor so I picked him up and when
he was contious again I asked him were he lived so I could drop him off.
"Umm were do you live so I can drop you off?" I asked.
"o-o-one f-fifty eight shaylynn drive." He slurred his voice.
"Okay. I'm going to drop you off and let your parents know what happened. Ok?" I told him.
"You're pretty. C-c-c-c-can I have your number?" He stuttered and slurred.
"Okay. But if you call me, call me when you're sober. Okay?" I suggested
"Fine" He replied.
We finally reached his house. I went in and told his parents.
"Whats your name?" I asked.
"Ashton Irw--
He then trew up on his porch.
I saw the sign on the door. 'Irwin' It read.
"Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin, so I found ashton blackout drunk on the floor at a party, so I drove
him home." I explained.
"Okay. well can you go upstairs into his room with him and make sure he actually goes to
sleep?" Mrs.Irwin asked.
"Of course. By the way my name is Skylar. Skylar Hood."
"Oh, you must be Calum's sister. Calum is in a band with Ashton." Mr. Irwin said as I walked Ashton upstairs to his room.
I'm really caring so I decided to just stay with him for a while.
"Well, maybe next time you guys have band practice, I'll be there with Calum to say hi to
you." I promised.
I kissed his forehead, and walked downstairs.
"Bye Mr. and Mrs. Irwin." I said as I walked out the door and drove home.
"Crap. It's 11:00pm. Calum is going to kill me!" I said to myself.
When I walked in the door, Calum was standing there.
"Oh hey Calum! So glad to see you!" I laughed embarissed that I was home late.
"You're late. I'm supposed to take care of you when mom and dad arent home."
"I'm sorry I know. I shouldn't have dropped off Ashton after I found him drunk at a--- I mean
I totally didn't do that. pshft, why would I do that?" 
"You what!!!? Went to a party without telling me?! Dropping off Ashton?!!!! and it
was ASHTON?!?!? I'm so tellingmom!" Cal yelled.
"Calum. Please don't. Ashton was blackout drunk. I didn't even know it was Ashton at 
first. Ashton's dad said you two were in a band together! Anyways, I had to be nice." 
I pleaded.
"Ugh. Fine. Only because you're my sister." He sighed as he hugged me.
"Oh and can I go to your band practice tomorrow?" I asked.
"Sure. As long as you don't distract us." He replied as I went up to my room and fell asleep.
-Next day at band practice-


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