Jerk drops her down I'll get you back you jerk but later why is my heart beating fast when I see him I have feelings


1. bump into you

Crystalline pov I walk up to the vending machine with money in my hand. What should I get ? I'll get some takis I insert my money into the slot my snack came down I get it and trips.oh shoot I'm gonna get hurt I thought my long black hair covers my big bright blue eyes I feel myself stumble into someone huh I didn't hit the ground I see myself into someone's arm he had blonde hair with green eyes. He pushes me down and says don't bump into me idiot I never seen him I guess he's new or something you jerk watch where your going but he had walk away ugh

I went to my table in frustration my best friend Emma asked what wrong I just bumped into a blond boy green eyed boy he dropped me down who does that Emma says your so lucky you just bumped into the most popular kid in school you're kidding right he new isn't he yeah but his looks swoons the look of every girl on the school whatever he's a jerk next time I'll pit slap him so hard that he'll be numb for a week how about that pretty boy what a think about that.calm down Emma says it's not like you're gonna see him again .I ask don't they change our schedule today yeah she answers yes I've been waiting for ages maybe I'll get out of miss strict social studies teacher class this semesters.they gave us our schedule. I have social studies first then math then science then language arts its all gifted this is gonna be another hard semester I thought I'm my head what did you get Emma asked me I said I have all gifted oh me too she said we smiled it's getting more chilly outside isn't Raven yeah I have to remember to bring a jacket as 3rd period ends I hate all my periods there with the ll ride new kid you are so lucky crystalline How would you feel if someone you bumped you doesn't ask of your okay what his name huh oh it's Tskimori Emma tells me . In 4th period I leave early have to go to my job I love my job it'sw heaven sowing clothes and talking to customers about what clothes look good and which earrings fit well. Crystal(my nickname) put the designer clothes on the rack . Then you can leave Kay I put the last of the clothes on the racks bye guys it's windy outside really cold shoot I forgot to bring my jacket Its cold but I feel really hot and sick maybe I need to lie down. I find a bench and collapse in the cold shivering myself to sleep.i try so hard but my eyes closed.

Tsukmori pov I walk down the street from my job feeling good about my paycheck Just then I see a girl down the street she had black raven hair and big blue bright eyes though they are closed she was shivering and it looks like she passed out also. Wait a minute she's the same girl that bumped into me today at lunch she has a fever I took her out of the bench cradling her like a baby I ran to my house and took her into the dry warm house I still hear shivering I put her on my bed she's actually really pretty in fact beautiful wait what am I thinking she looks better now peaceful I put the comforters ont oher body and stroke her hair then I feel her forehead she has a feverish was right I all a doctor tell them everything in . Her name is crystalline kakhouko hmm I call her crystal for short wait we're on first name basis now the doc leave you have to watch her for a week Kay okay you two have fun she says then she winks huh what that supposed to mean crystalline was now in blue stipe pjs she looks so cute man I get on the bed before I know it she's awake her eyes in shock really cute hey crystalline


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