Daughter of The Black Sons

Sayden and Michael have been best friends ever since they were little. They grew up together. There bond went deeper then their love for their bikes. Then the Red Angels come....


2. getting him👊🏻


How dare he. I told him not to hurt her. That was the first real talk I ever had with him. I told him I'd murder him. I said it in all seriousness. Then he goes and does this. Gets Lindsey pregnant. Her of all people!

She's the school hoe. Sayden is better then her. She's better then everyone. Sucks for Hayes because he downgraded. I sighed and pulled my leather jacket more around me. I walked down the hall and turned. Then I made my way to his classroom.

I walked in and everyone looked at me. The teacher stopped talking and staired at me. I just smiled at her and then looked at her class. I scanned it until I found Hayes. I looked him in the eye and he sunk down in his chair. I gave him an evil smirk and walked over to him.

"What did I tell you?!" I yelled slamming my hand down on his desk. He jumped back.

"Michael I'm-"

"Shut the fuck up!" I yelled getting in his face, making him try to back up even more." I don't want your sorries."

"Then tell Say that I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"FUCK TOO!!! Don't tell me you didn't mean to! Either way you fucking CHEATED!!! It's just now you're a daddy." I said with my anger spiraling.


I cut him off by punching him. He fell back out of his chair and onto the floor. I slammed his desk and chair forward and moved them. I got on him to were I was straddling him. I started pummeling him. I released all my anger on his face. I loved the feeling of a good fight. I felt blood come from his face.

I felt a evil smirk spread across my face. I kept beating him. My anger draining. I heard a crack and figured it was his nose. I sighed and got off of him. I stood up and fixed my jacket. I looked down at him and smiled. He was holding his face. I got down and looked him in the eyes.

"If you ever come near Sayden again I will permanently need you face up." I growled at him. Then I stood up straight, fixed my jacket again and left.

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