Don't open your eyes

Kevin realizes something may be slightly out of the ordinary, what he finds is a game changer. The only problem is, he can't leave.


1. Strange Occurences

Lately things have been out of the ordinary at my house. I've never felt so unwelcome in my own home. My wife left the house and moved out. I've always wanted to logically explain the occurrences that would happen, but until today I have started to doubt my theories just like my wife did weeks ago.

Why was it always cold in my house? I walked over to the thermostat and read the sticky note from my wife. "Kevin, explain this." An arrow pointed up to the temperature. It was ninety degrees on the thermostat, but it was a bone chilling sixty to be fair.

I shivered back to the couch and snuggled up. I fell asleep under the warm covers, sleep let me escape the terrible thoughts of my wife.

I would open my eyes, but something felt out of place, something bad. It seemed as if I opened my eyes all things would go to hell. It would be suicide to open my eyes. I could feel it breathing at my face, staring deep and hard. It felt like a heavy weight had been slammed on my chest. I was wheezing at the weight. Then, I realized. Could it have been my wife? What if she is trying to surprise me? I forced my eyes into a squint, it was the face of a woman, but it was very dark. A sudden black. 

I tenderly scanned my surroundings without being noticed. I was still in my house, but who was this stranger on my chest? My wife isn't the type to do weird stuff like this, and most people wouldn't just stare at your face for ten minutes straight.

Then, I realized the horror of it all. I had locked my door, so there was no way that this could be my wife. So who was it? I squinted harder, the sweat on my forehead started to emaciate from my skin. 

I opened my eyes wide taking a suicidal joy ride. All or nothing, what was it? My eyes had to be delusional. Not only had they deceived me, but my body was now weightless. The room was still pitch black. I turned over to the table behind the sofa arm. The lamp was dusty, and hadn't been used in many ages. I pulled the string, it flickers. I pull it again, and my heart explodes into a death beam of destructive fear. Behind the sofa, I swore I saw a little girl holder her face to her legs.

Did I dare? The lamp was tempting, but at the same time forbidden. I was at mercy to fear. No more, I thought to myself. My confidence had dropped to a soaring zero. I began to shout in complete anxiety, "Hello? Who's there?" I repeated that same line, maybe four times. Then, I listened. My ears started ringing from the silence. It was still pitch black. A pen dropped onto the floor and I jumped like a scared rabbit. "What do you want? Get away!" I furiously pulled at the lamp string, it wasn't coming on. 

The lamp started to flicker after many attempts, I could see the outline of the girl standing in front of the pen. The lamp went off.

I pulled it one more time, and the thing finally managed to stay on. The girl was gone. What the hell was going on around here?

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