Don't open your eyes

Kevin realizes something may be slightly out of the ordinary, what he finds is a game changer. The only problem is, he can't leave.


2. Isolation

My wife had been right. It was clear to me now that I was not alone. I would have left the house by now, but I feel as if I'm emotionally attached to whatever was clinging to me. Like it was destiny or something greater. Even with all of this tumbling down on top of me, I still desired to escape my own home. Deep down inside I realized that escape would be futile. The doors to the outside were jammed. My only peace was during the day when I could count on the light through the curtains to minimize the paranormal incidences occurring in my house.

Even with the light I still must prepare myself for anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes the walls would make everything worse. They would creak and mumble off into the air. The substance would create an eerie, abnormal feeling. A feeling of something more, the darkness lingered floating around me, like clouds. Weightless clouds they were, because the incidences were meaningless, and defiant, but ineffective. The occurrences in my house were clearly out to give me a fright, but harm? That was another question. It felt as if they were somehow unable or halted from physically harming me. Either that, or they were trying to break me down into thin air, through mental means.

It was strange that I could hear scratching beneath my floors, I didn't have a basement, and there was supposedly nothing down there. Maybe it was rats. Large rats. Needless to say, they were already inside, because the scratching had retreated nearly ten minutes ago. Now, it was back to a quite, whispering atmosphere. 

I tapped my knee, running my hands along my face as well. I had food, and water. I was still trapped in my own home. The lights were still not working. Perfect I told myself, knowing that I must already be completely enveloped in insanity.

What was in my house? Who was that girl? How was my wife connected to all of this? Did the thermostat malfunction, or is it connected to the girl? Why had I been locked in?

I trusted my eyes too much, I can't rely just on visual observations, if I'm going to figure out what's going on around here I need to use my more specific senses. They are the ones who will guide me to a clear and definite answer. 

I closed my eyes and listened, inhaled, touched, and in some cases I would even taste. It was at the point when I was licking a rotten burger, that I shouldn't go putting my tongue where it didn't belong.

I got a good laugh out of the burger, I was going insane from this isolation. I knew that, and there was no way to halt the process of death. I am a social creature, I can't survive without the warmth of others in any kind of way. 

The air was warm, I felt alone for once. I opened my eyes, and the air began to chill, I closed my eyes realizing the root of the activity. 

It was no longer day time, and I slept on the couch. Thankfully, I found  a pillow to cover my face in, so I could sleep without worry. The sleep was the best I had obtained in a while, and then it was no longer warm, but a furious freeze.

My eyes were closed, how could this happen? I thought I had logically figured out a solution, but that wasn't the case. The floor scratching started again, and the cold was piercing my double blanket fortress. I did not dare open my eyes, what idled about around me was something I wanted to ignore.

My spine takes a loop as a soft child hand rubs my back through the blankets that covered me. It began to feel like the coldest winter in the room, "I know your awake."

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