Immigration to America

The story of how the United States of America became what it is today is well known. But this story follows a young women and her family as their story of how they came to America, and the hardships they had to face.


3. Chapter 2 - Changes

    As the bright sun filled the open meadow in front of us, I set off to find a new job and to talk to our friends in the nearby farms and villages.  My husband had reluctantly woken me before the sun and had helped me pinpoint my best options for jobs.  He had said what the usual salary was for a working woman.  

    “ Be careful my love and remember, we cannot choose who is special in our life but when we love them so much, we can only give them a good luck word and hope that they know what is in store for them.”  His words had set me in a great mood and I was off.  First, I would go to the nearest shops and cloth stores to see if anyone was hiring.  Then, I would go talk to my friends and catch up with them to see what was happening with their taxes and life.  I still had not brought up the topic of going to America for I thought that if I could help the income we could live a very decent life in Germany.  But fear still crept into my mind.  I pushed it away and started to the village.

By the time I had gotten there, the sun had risen above the crest of the distant mountains.  Bakers and tailors were the main jobs that we women tended to get.  The first shop I saw was a blacksmith.  Not for me.  As I walked through the town I saw all kinds of shops toy making, butchers, shops of all shapes and sizes and many more.  I saw a bakery in the middle of the village and a sign was hung on the outside of the window that read: Workers needed.  Women who can bake bread, cakes, and plain food.  I walked in to see if I could be the lucky one to get a job.

    As I walked into the bakery, I automatically knew that it did good business.  The floors were polished and the aroma of baking goods wafted out of the back.  A little bell hung above the door and made a tinkling noise as you entered.  Someone came out the back door to greet me.

    “ Hi how may I help you?”  She addressed me in a cheerful way and lifted her hand to greet me.  This lady had a voice that sounded like music.  I looked her over quickly and saw she was almost as dressed up as the bakery was.  She wore a long skirt made of cotton.  Her top was of a lustery maroon and she wore a shawl around her shoulders.  None of the clothes were patched or torn.  I knew what she was thinking, who is this ragged, rundown, lady?

“ Hi, My name is Hannelore and I saw the sign outside your door saying that you needed workers?”  I took her hand as I introduced myself.

“ Yes we are looking for applicants.  Are you interested?”  She looked nice enough and she was very cheerful and outgoing.  If I got the job I would look forward to working with her.

“What is your name may I ask?” I knew if I were to work with this cheerful lady I would have to know her name..  She laughed at my question and I heard her laugh was as high soprano as her voice.

“ Ah yes I see that you may need to know my name if we were to start working together now wouldn’t you?  My name is quite a mouthful actually.  Its Amalasinda.”  Still smiling, she started to go over the salaries and the hours that the work would require.  She also asked quite a few questions ‘bout what I could cook and what my background was.

Finally after a few hours talking, I left happy and content.  I couldn’t wait to start my new job next week.  My salary would be 11 euros a per two weeks $16 American money.  Amalasinda seemed nice enough and she was always in high spirits.  I knew that I could make a good impression on people and I think she liked the way I looked in her eyes.  So many people were getting letters to home ‘bout the new country America I still didn’t know why I hadn’t brought it up to Günter I didn’t know how he would take it.  I was dying to talk to him ‘bout it though but something kept holding me back.  Still no time to ponder that I had to get to my friends’ house before it was too late. I still needed time to get back to the house in time to make dinner for my husband and myself.  

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