Immigration to America

The story of how the United States of America became what it is today is well known. But this story follows a young women and her family as their story of how they came to America, and the hardships they had to face.


1. Prologue

My husband now owns a farm and many an animal.  We make a living out of farming crops and animals.  Even though during Spring, cows can reach $33 here, we can buy one this fall.  I remember our life in Germany and how we worked so hard under a monarchy.  Nobody cared how our life went as long as we paid our taxes and debts.  We only got ‘bout 1,800 euros to a month and that was ‘bout $2,496.88 American dollars.  Most that money went to taxes and buying food for the family.  Expenses were high those days and we were bringing in little money.  We were worried ‘bout how we were going to uphold our house and home.  We got help from our kindly neighbors and friends but we dreamed of a time where we didn’t need anybody’s help and where we could make a new start.  Letters were coming to our friends saying how great this other country was it was called America.  Soon our friends made the voyage across the sea to a new homeland and we were the only ones left besides those too old to travel or those who were only infants.  My husband and I were thinking ‘bout moving ‘cross the seas too, but we were short on money and out taxes were coming in at an alarming rate, though we still dreamed every night hoping and praying that someday we would find a place to live in the new country.

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