Baby Girl


What a babe she was some might say.

But she was his.

She was only his.

She was his baby girl.


3. Two



A soft white robe was wrapped around her slim body. The sound of the water hitting the white tiles echoed around her, the warm moist air started fogging up the mirror. She looked at herself taking out the hair ties ad untangling the braids letting the soft ripples of curls unfold themselves. She untied the white robe letting it fall to the floor as she stepped into the steamy shower, she inhaled deep breaths of hot air and released it out. She picked up the shampoo in the purple bottle, squeezing out the blue substances in her hands to rub in her hair.

Abigail rested her small figure against the cold hard black tiles of the wall. As much as she hated to admit it the coldness calmed her nervous causing her to shut her eyes the water falling onto her face dripping down her body.


The music pounded in his ears the girl he had claimed swayed her hips into him. The amount of drinks he consumed caused him to become intoxicated, the retro strobe lights started in his eyes causing to squint. His head was hurting from the Basel voice the girl had as she whispered in his ear "My daddy's a dentist." She would say trailing her sharp cherry red nail down his arm. He smirked down at her "Babe your no princess not even a match for a queen I advice you go by your self a drink and try to get lucky with someone else." He whispered in her ear detaching her clingy self from him.

Harry was displeased just not with him self but for not finding someone who he could wake up in the morning with and smile at.

Harry longed for love. So as his mother longed for him to get married. As for so he would meet faith and a girl named Abigail.



I know this book is kind of confusing but their will be in POVS at the moment I'm telling you the story of them and how they will meet and who they are and what they do an how they simply live life and who is in their life.


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