Baby Girl


What a babe she was some might say.

But she was his.

She was only his.

She was his baby girl.


4. Three



Music pounded in the ears of young adults, retro strobe lights flashed through cluster of men and women. The New Bar reeked of alcohol. She made her way through the crowd pulling onto the sun kissed hand of her roommate who protesting to stay and talk to the guy she just met, "Abigail let go of me right now! Right now..he was super cute!" Her tall blonde friend said shouting at her over the blaring music and drunk people slurring words out at the two young girls, "I was saving you from being stood up and being broken so a thank you would have been nice!" She shouted back at her friend. She and her friend sat down on the cushioned bar seats, "Abigail hottie 10:00" her friend pointed out, she looked over at the man gulping down a bear bottle his long chestnut hair going along his neck, he wore a white button up shirt leaving two of the buttons open, from what she could see he was wearing tight black skinny jeans. She Cosby take her dark brown eyes off of him and when he did turn in look in her direction to forest green eyes landed on her causing a rightful smirk to be formed on the beloved mouth of no other the Harry Styles.



Hey my pies so I'm really sorry the chapter is cut short but I have a great Idea for the next one and it's just how I'm writing.

I had a dance tonight and the guy I "liked" gave me a piece of gum how hard is it to stop liking someone.


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