Baby Girl


What a babe she was some might say.

But she was his.

She was only his.

She was his baby girl.


2. one


Her chest rises and falls. She looks so peaceful, her black hair covered the dove white pillow case, her cracked chapped lips were parted slightly. Her pale skin held a glow from under the shadows of the full moon casting in from the huge windows on all sides of her. Her body was tangled up in the mass of her white duvet, the lights from outside wondered in casting colors across the cold,dull bedroom.

That's how she liked it dark suitable and modern. The man laying next to her sat up in the bed feet pressed against the dark wood, he held his face in his hands, his hair falling over in his eyes. The cold air danced around his body causing him to shiver. He could hear her soft breath being inhaled and exhaled it soothed him enough to make him lay back down next to her and wrap an arm around her small torso, she was more then just another one night stand he stopped that after meeting her she was more then what meets the eye. She was absolutely gorgeous inside and out, she was funny and had small eye crinkles by her eyes from laughing to hard, her hands were always colds, and she seemed to always wear her black hair in two long French braids, she would only wear skirts but in the winter she have on washed out blue jeans that she matched up with a different long sleeve Christmas shirt, and the only make up she wore was the collection of strawberry and vanilla shimmery frosting lipgloss that she would always smear on her lips. But he liked her even if he was Blue-Blooded and she liked riding the subway. But that was Abigail.



I bet you all thought I left. But I'm just getting starting with wiring back up again so many new updates I will be giving you guys with. Also pray for Paris <3. This is my new book baby girl and it will get more into detail with characters.


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