Baby Girl


What a babe she was some might say.

But she was his.

She was only his.

She was his baby girl.


5. Four



He made his way over too the two girls In a quick motion he said stood there as she turned in her seat looking at him, he took his bottom lip in between his teeth then released it, "I'm Abigail." She spoke out folding her hands in her lap, he flashed her a smile sticking his hands in his pockets, "Harry." He said, she shuddered at his voice leaning back against the bar "Harry." She whispered to her self as he smirked attending to the empty bar stool her friend once was sitting at.


They both reeked of alcohol. They hauled both their drunk bodies into a cab laughing and giggling. Harry leaned him self against the window, as Abigail found away to lay on top of Harry. Harry opens the little slit, " Manhattan, Walsh Ford Hotel." He gave the orders to the taxi cab driver. Harry looked down at the sleeping girl, little snores could be heard from her open mouth. Her body laid their her cleaveledge exposing itself to his eyes causing him to inhale a sharp breath and release it, " Walsh Ford Hotel!" The guy yelled The cab stopped, Harry nodded and gave the guy a twenty and pulled himself out of the cab and grabbed the girl he had recently been fantasying about.

He brought her up to the top floor where he lived. He unlocked the door and brought her in laying her gently down in the bed. He walked to the black dresser and pulled out clean boxers and a t-shirt. He walked back over to the sleeping girl and carefully unzipped her dress and pulled it off her. Harry closed his eyes inhaling another deep breath, she wasn't wearing a bra and he could already feel him self attracting to her as he was growing hard. He quickly slipped the t-shirt over her and started to take off the black lace panties she was wearing, "Touch me." She mumbled spreading her legs and lifted up the blue shirt she had on "You drunk." He said, " And your Horny." She said popping her dark brown open and looking down at the bulge in his pants, he groaned and looked down at the throbbing core she had and got on the bed attaching his lips with her " I need you." He murmured against her soft pink lips going down on her grinding causing her to let out a sharp moan and him to inhale for the third time, " Then use me." She spoke out unbuttoning his black skinny jeans.



Oops...they don't the dirty if your wondering. This is rated yellow if I wanted to add the nasty I'd make it red but I'm nice. Going away for thanksgiving so I'll see when I update which I probably will because a 13 hour car ride is the best

Any way have a fabulous weekend I know I will.


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