Baby Girl


What a babe she was some might say.

But she was his.

She was only his.

She was his baby girl.


6. Five



She woke up to the soft snores of Harry. She grabbed her head out in pain from the up coming hangover, she slide out of the bed and connected her feet with the cold hard wooden floor. She found her way to the bathroom looking at her dull tired reflection, her makeup was smudged and faded, her hair messy and tangled but still in the form or a braid. Abigail's feet ached and her head spin causing her to shut her eyes then open them. She did not like doing this...waking up in someone else's bed more like some strangers bed she never met it just made her crinkle her nose in disgust that she make such decisions. She sighed to her self as she opened the white drawer digging through it to find an aspirin, the amount of alcohol she consumed caused last night memories to have blank spots. Finding the aspirin she gulped it down cupping her hands in the icy cold water.


I know short chapter sorry. I'm back not for long but I'm well as sorry it's kind of short I don't have time to write all he time and I felt like I needed to put something out there for you all to read.

Hopefully I will start posting's also getting closer to spring break and it will be so nice to just relax. Next chapter is a playlist!


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