Loving You

My life was fine. I may have been picked on and hurt every once in a while, but I could make do. But that was before he came back. Before he left,all was okay. I was fine. Maybe even happy. But he left me. And that hurt. A lot. He's back,for an entire ten months.
Why am I happy that he's back,but sad he'll have to leave? He was my best friend after all. Oh we'll.
I told myself not to fall in love with Luke Hemmings...


9. We Are Through!

I notice someone come and sit by me, interrupting my pity party. I look to my left. It's Avery, Luke's new girl. She smiles at me. "Hi. Charcoal, is it?",she sneers.

"Charlie.",I murmur. She acts like she didn't hear me.

"Anyway, I just wanted to clear some things up.",she says, her voice getting uglier. She looks me in the eyes and speaks. "Stay away from Luke. He is too good for you. He's mine. I've got him wrapped around my finger."

"Luke and I aren't a thing. We never have been-".

"And you never will be! Face it sweetie, you're way to ugly to score a guy like Luke!", she laughs. Her words hurt worse than the scar. She pats my head and stands as Luke comes over.

"What're you guys doing?",he asks. Avery goes over and kisses him, keeping her eyes open to make sure I'm watching, to know that she's made her point. She has.

"Nothing. Charlie and I were just having a little girl chat. Right Charlie?",she asks. I nod. She's made it loud and clear.

Luke's not mine. Really, he was never mine to begin with.


The boys come back with drinks and pizza. I pass out the soda. Avery watches me as I give Luke his. I'm careful not touch his hand when I do. I sit and sip my soda. It tastes bitter, like everything now. Mikey tells a joke and Avery laughs really loud to get attention. She drapes herself over Luke, glaring at me as I watch Luke.

Ash notices I'm not really here, so he comes to sit by me." What's wrong?",he asks. I shake my head. I tell him I'm just a little tired. He holds me and I let him. Pity. Party of one. We eat and then they start to talk about the tour. I fake smile and laugh when the boys look at me.

Avery gets up and comes behind me,looking up. "Oh, guys look! It's a bird!", she yells, dropping her cup on me. Great! Now I'm mad and soaking wet! I stand up and turn around.

"WHAT IN THE FUCK!!! YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!!!", I yell. My strings snapped. Now I can take a lot of things, but when you push me too far, and my strings break, I snap. "FUCK OFF!!!", I yell.

Avery looks angry." Lukey, tell her to leave me alone!",she demands. Luke looks down. "LUKEY!!!", she screams. Luke sighs and comes over to me. He looks annoyed.

"You fuck off, Charlie. Don't talk to my girlfriend like that.",he says. I gasp.

"Really? That's all you have to say to your best friend?", Ash yells. I hold up a hand to shush him. I nod.

"Ex-best friend, Ash. We were never friends to begin with if he can actually chose some girl over his best friend.", I say. I sit down by Cal and look down. When did Luke hurt me like this? Luke grabs his guitar and looks at Avery.

"This is a song. This is for you, Avery." Is he really about to sing to her? Uh! The nerve of that boy!

"You're telling me the same old story, and that I need to change. If you're not living my life for me, you make me feel that way. You know you know, we're losing control. I gotta break away and nothing's gonna change. You got to go, it's the end of the road. No matter what you do or say. Baby you're not what I need."

Avery storms off, not even letting him finish. She knew where it was heading. Luke comes over and I stand to hug him. "I'm so sorry, Charlie. I'm so sorry I told you to fuck off. Avery needed to though.", he says. I let my tears fall onto his shirt.

"I'm so sorry, Luke! You'll always be my best friend. I'll always lo-", I say and stop myself before I say 'love'. He pulls back and looks into my eyes.

"How about we go cuddle later, love?",he asks. I nod. I fucking love his cuddles!!! We sit down on the chairs and watch the sun set. I may finally be a little bit happy.


Hi guys! Enjoy the chapter? I hope you liked that Luke and Charlie moment. Next chapter, Luke gets a little into things. Hope you like it!


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