Loving You

My life was fine. I may have been picked on and hurt every once in a while, but I could make do. But that was before he came back. Before he left,all was okay. I was fine. Maybe even happy. But he left me. And that hurt. A lot. He's back,for an entire ten months.
Why am I happy that he's back,but sad he'll have to leave? He was my best friend after all. Oh we'll.
I told myself not to fall in love with Luke Hemmings...


7. The Girlfriend...

I throw the controller at the wall. "You're such a cheater, Mikey!",I shout. He shrugs and starts another round with Cal. I pick up my phone and delete Luke from my contacts, even though his number is forever in my mind. I should've deleted it three years ago!

He thinks it's all my fault. Fuck him!!! He doesn't know what I went through when he left. I can do fine without him,can't I?

I grab a slice of cold pizza and sit down,shoving it in my mouth." Chew, Charlie.", Ash reminds me.

"Don't start with me. I'm trying to deal.",I reply, watching Cal shoot Mikey a death glare for cheating again. Ashton comes over and let's me sit on his lap. I lay my head on his shoulder. He kisses my forehead and rubs my back.

"He said I hurt him.",I whisper. He nods. "Then he left. He said he had business to take care of.". I shift on his lap and look into his eyes. "How do I cope with that, Ash?",I ask.

"Charlie, I hope you know he loves you." I yank back, as if he hit me. He smiles.

I shake my head. "He's gotta funny way of showing it."

"He's not good at expressing his feelings. But he loves you. The whole time we were on tour, he seemed...", Ash says,pausing to think of the right word.

"Happy?",I ask.

"No. EMPTY. He missed you,even if he doesn't realize it yet. He loves you more than Mikey loves pizza.". I nod,laughing. I get up and let Ash play with the boys, all the while one thought booming in my head.

Luke loves me...


Luke walks into the room smiling and happy. I hand the controller to Ashton and start to walk upstairs. "Let's go to the beach!", Luke says. I frown.

"The beach?", Mikey asks,pausing the game. He nods,looking my way and winking. I glare at him. Not in the mood, Lover Boy. I sit on the arm of the couch an think it over. Everyone looks up at me.

"I don't know...". Luke groans.

"What? To scared I'll smoke you in our little competitions?". When we were fourteen, we would go to the beach and have contest on who could do the stupidest things involving the beach. Like,one time Calum dared Mikey to bury himself in the sand. What Mikey didn't know was that there were a couple crabs in the sand. He had to wear a pillow strapped to his butt for a week.

"No!", I yell. He smirks. Asshole.

"Fine. Let's go.",I say,running upstairs to get changed.


I look into the mirror and cringe at the sight. You can still see my scar. The thick,deep, red one running up from the left side of my abdomen to the bottom of my right breast. I yank off the bathing suit and sit down. I breathe in and out until I calm down. I'm alright. I'm okay. It's okay.

I pull my black one-piece out and step into it. I look back into the mirror and let out I breath I didn't know I was holding in. Scar-free. I almost look like a normal girl... I turn away and grab a towel and my shades. I'm ready.

I run downstairs and find all four boys arguing. I smile. Idiots. Luke turns away from Cal and glances my way. His eyes linger down my body a little longer than they should. He taps Cal on the shoulder and why is it so quiet in here? I smile again and finish walking down.

Now that Luke doesn't have a beanie on, I can see he has a little quiff on his head. It's so damn cute I just wanna play with it! What is wrong with me?! This is what I've been reduced to. Quiff playing fantasies. I shake my head and tell them to come on.

We all pile into Cal's car, Cal and Ash up front and Me, Mikey, and Luke in the back. I squeeze in between Mikey and Luke, who are giving each other death stares. "You can cut the tension with a knife in here.",I joke,quoting a lyric from their song 'Gotta Get Out'. Cal smiles at me in the rear view mirror,appreciating my joke.

I put my earbuds in and pick my best and most listened to playlist, Life Goes On. First on the list is 'Sweet Caroline' by Neil Diamond. Luke takes one of my earbuds and puts it in his ear,nodding his head with the music. He even sings along with the 'ba-da ba-da' part.

"We're here.", Ash announces, waking me from the land of music. I jump out, thankful to stretch my legs. I race Calum down to the shore.

"You've still got your legs.",I say,high-fiving him.

"So do you.",he says. I smile and watch the water pound on the sand. I'm thinking of how long it's been since I've been to the beach, when I'm suddenly lifted up. I scream and pound on the person'a back.

"Put me down!!!",I demand. We stop and I giggle as the guy tickles my feet.

"Water or hole?",the voice asks. Luke?

I feel lightheaded. "What?!",I mumble.

"Water or sand hole? Your lucky I'm giving you a choice.". I giggle.

"Water." We're running again so I squeal. Seconds later,I'm underwater. I spring up and smile. "Luke? Really? Why'd you do that?". I don't get an answer. I open my eyes and see Luke at the end of the entrance of the beach,kissing that girl from the party. I gasp.

I run out of the water and join the boys. "Who's that?",I ask. Ash turns to me.

"Luke's...uh...girlfriend?", he says,pulling me close as tears cloudburst vision.


Oh! Twister! Luke's girlfriend? You guys think she's gonna be a bitch, or a total sweetheart? Fund out next chapter! Bye!


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