Loving You

My life was fine. I may have been picked on and hurt every once in a while, but I could make do. But that was before he came back. Before he left,all was okay. I was fine. Maybe even happy. But he left me. And that hurt. A lot. He's back,for an entire ten months.
Why am I happy that he's back,but sad he'll have to leave? He was my best friend after all. Oh we'll.
I told myself not to fall in love with Luke Hemmings...


21. The Date.

I feel like ultimate crap. My throat kills, I feel like I got sucker punched in the stomach, and my head feels like a bunch of people took a few swings at it. So, yeah. Ultimate crap. I sneeze again. All I want to do is watch Netflix and drink sweet tea with honey and lemon.

Luke buries his face in the crook of my neck. "I don't want to get you sick. Are you sure you're okay with staying?", I croak. The rest of the boys went out to see a movie. Luke said he'd pass so he could care for me. I don't want to be the cause of him not having fun.

"I'm fine. I'll be okay. And if I get sick we can take care of each other.", he says, kissing my nose. I smile and sneeze again.

"Aww! Kitten!",he teases. I hide under the covers. He takes them away. "Don't hide. I'm messing with you.",he whispers. I nod and lay my head on his chest, drifting off to a sleep full of nightmares.


I dream of someone taking Luke away from me. They laugh and soon he's kissing her.

"What about your girlfriend?", she asks. He keeps kissing her.

"Don't worry. She'll never know.", he says, kissing her deeper. I yell, but my voice doesn't reach him. The scene switches, and I'm in a glass box. Everyone I know is outside of it, laughing at me.

Even the people who know about my scar. The ones who helped spread the news.

Luke is there, too. He's just starring. Someone's holding his hand. Ashley Mackenzie. I cry as she whispers something in his ear. He laughs. I sink down as the box fills with laughter. I try to get my heart to stop hurting.

But I don't think there's anything that stops this kind of pain.


Luke holds me to him. "It's okay, Charlie. Hey. It's okay. I'm not going anywhere. I promise.", he soothes. I hold onto him and wrap my arms around his neck. He kisses my cheek. "It's okay. You've been having these dreams a lot lately. Are you sure it's nothing?", he asks.

"I don't know. If I tell you about them, you'll think that I'm crazy.", I whisper. He shakes his head. "I've been dreaming of you cheating on me. And that everyone here finds out about my scar and laughs about it and you date Ashley and everything falls apart and-".

He kisses me to shut me up. I sigh happily. "Why would you think about that?",he asks.

"I don't know. You could be having second thoughts even though we just started dating at least two weeks ago. You could think I'm not pretty or smart enough. Because when you were on tour you met girls who were probably so much more than me. With better figures and stuff.", I ramble. He listens the entire time.

He pulls me onto his lap and looks into my eyes. He does this a lot. I kinda like starring into those ocean blue hypnotizers. "You are gorgeous. You graduated college when you were eighteen. I don't care about any of those girls. They could never take your place. You're beautiful. You're mine.", he says. I nod and look down. He kisses my cheek again.

I start to sweat. "I think my fever just broke!", I squeal. My throat still hurts, but you can hear me fine. I snatch the thermometer off the dresser and check me temperature. 98.0. It's normal. I throw the device on the floor and jump up onto the bed. "I'm fever free!", I say.

He grins. "Good. How about we go on a date to celebrate?", he asks. I nod. "Okay. We'll go to the beach. Make sure you wear something comfortable. We'll be out there long." I laugh.

"You just had that all planned out didn't you?", I tease. He shrugs. I straddle his lap and play with a home in his shirt. That's when I realize I don't have any pants on. Nope. No pants at all. I blush and he laughs.

I'm practically sitting on his lap NAKED. I try to roll off of him, but he holds me hostage. I bite my lip and beg him to let me go. "Lukers, please.", I beg. He groans and lets me go.

"I'm gonna cave every time you call me 'Lukers'.", he says. I grin and lay back beside him. He intertwines our hands. I smile at the thought of this boy, the one I've known my entire life, is going out on a date with me.


I call Ash into the room. He comes and closes the door behind him. "Yeah?", he asks. I turn to face him.

"Do I look okay?", I ask. He nods. I'm in high waisted jeans, a white T-shirt, and a yellow jumper. I decided last minute on black boots. My hair is in a bun. And I'm wearing the necklace Luke gave me at their last concert.

"You look perfectly fine.",he says. I nod and tell him he can go. I grab my phone and jog down the stairs. I reach the last step and look up.

Damn, Luke looked hot.


I whistle. "Damn, Lukers. You clean up good.", I tease. He's in a blue button down shirt and black jeans. He takes my hand and kisses me.

"So do you.", he says. I smile and bite my lip.

"Alright, Hemmings. You have her back by twelve, understand?", Ash jokes. Luke nods. "Be safe and use protection.", he says. I blush and bury my face into his shirt. Luke leads me out of the house.

"Thanks.", I mumble. He nods, opening the car door for me. I giggle and get in. He drives down the road, glancing at me and smiling every few minutes. We arrive at the beach a little while later. We race down to the sand. I gasp.

He's set up a blanket with a picnic. There's a fire going and everything. "Leaves...you did all of this for me?", I ask. He helps me over and sits beside me.

"We're going to watch the sunset. And eat because I'm starving.", he says. He pours wine into two glasses and hands me one. "My' Lady.", he jokes. I stick out my tongue and giggle.

"Thank you. For all of this.", I say. He smiles. I shiver and he pulls me close. "You're really warm.", I whisper. He chuckles. Leaning down to kiss me, he smiles.

"You know I'd do anything for you, right.", he asks once he pulls away. I nod and take a sip from my glass. "Good. Are you sure you don't want to go? We can sit in the car.", he asks. I shake my head. I want this moment to last.

"I'm sure. I'm good. I'm just a little cold.", I say. He hands me a chocolate covered strawberry. "What? You're not going to feed it to me?", I tease. He smudges the treat against my lips as it starts to drizzle. I pout.

"Stupid rain!", I yell. He laughs and we walk hand in hand back to the car.


"Will you sing to me?", I ask as he plays with our hands. I'm so incredibly tired. I yawn and snuggle into his chest.

"Yeah.", he whispers, kissing my nose.

You take me back to the middle of nowhere. Back to the place only you and I share.

Remember all the memories? The fireflies, the make believes?

We know this is the way it's supposed to be.

So were taking the long way home. 'Cause I don't wanna be waisting my time alone. I wanna get lost and drive forever with you. Talking 'bout nothing. Yeah whatever baby. So were taking the long way home. Tonight.

That is the last thing I hear before drifting to sleep.


Thanks for reading. I've got to go because I'm on my way to a cheerleading banquet for my cousin. Update soon.


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