Loving You

My life was fine. I may have been picked on and hurt every once in a while, but I could make do. But that was before he came back. Before he left,all was okay. I was fine. Maybe even happy. But he left me. And that hurt. A lot. He's back,for an entire ten months.
Why am I happy that he's back,but sad he'll have to leave? He was my best friend after all. Oh we'll.
I told myself not to fall in love with Luke Hemmings...


17. Fighting Doesn't Hurt!

I take the freshly baked cake from the oven and smile. Today is Luke's birthday. I stayed up all night making him a six layer Red Velvet cake with white chocolate frosting! I just need to frost this final layer. I look over at the clock. 8:20. I better start making breakfast.

I make my special apple pie and brew a fresh pot of coffee. I set out the signed guitar from Nirvana I have for Luke's present. I put new flowers in a vase on the island. I hear the boys come down. I set out everything and wait. It has to be perfect. He's turning nineteen! It has to be absolutely perfect.

"Surprise!", I yell when they reach the last stair. They smile and sit.

"Whoa! Luke got Apple pie for his birthday?! And it's fresh. WTF!", Mikey complains. I smile and finish frosting the layer. I write in black and blue icing: Happy 19th Birthday Lukers!!! Love you!!!

I smile and add it while they're not looking. The whole cake has designs in black icing with guitars and rock and roll stuff. Luke watches me as I take a sip of coffee. I need so much caffeine!

"Happy birthday!", I say. He smiles and takes a bite of pie. He keeps looking at me. I can't take it! "What?!", I demand.

"How long have you been up?",he asks. I shrug. "Charlie..."

"Fine! All night! I was doing something.", I admit. He nods and stands to hug me. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his cheek.

I let go and grab the cake. It was hidden from view, so this is the first time they're seeing it. I carry it to the island singing "Happy Birthday". Mikey, Cal, and Ash join in. I set it in front of Luke and light the candles.

"Go on! Make a wish, mate.", Mikey urges. Luke smiles, looks at me, and blows out the candles. I clap along with the boys. But one thought echoes through my mind.

What did Luke wish for that had to do with me?


I push the wrapped present to Luke. His eyes widen. He tears open the wrapping paper and gasps when he sees what's inside. I spent so much on that guitar. I'm suddenly being lifted into a giant bear hug. I squeal. "Thank you! Dawnie, you are the best!", Luke yells. I nod.

"I know." He helps throw away the wrapping paper. "So, Leaves. Today were going to a secret destination. Just me and you. Then we'll all go see a movie. Okay?", I ask. He nods excitedly.

I head upstairs to get ready. This is gonna be perfect.


I change into GreenDay T, old faded jeans, and gray Converse. I attempt to pull my hair up, but I haven't brushed it, so it doesn't work. I smash a beanie onto my head and jog down the stairs. Luke comes out in the same outfit as me, beanie and everything.

"Guys! We don't have clones, do we?", Mikey jokes. I laugh as Luke throws a book off the table at him. We go outside and get into the car. I'm the only one who knows where we're going. So I'd have to take us there. But I can't drive. I don't know how.

Luke notices me standing frozen. "You okay? We don't have to go. I'm okay with that awesome gift you gave me.", he says. I shake my head.

"We have to go. But I can't get us there."

He frowns. "Why not? You can use my car.", he says.

"I can't. I don't know how to drive.", I whisper. He looks absolutely dumbfounded. I look away. This is so embarrassing. And it's all because of that stupid scar!

"You don't know how to drive? It's okay. We'll walk. I need some air anyways. Come on. I'll give you a piggyback ride.", he says. I nod. I get on his back and he starts to walk.

I bend down so our noses are touching. "Hi.", I giggle. He smiles. I lean back up and throw my hands up. "I'm the queen of the world!", I yell. I hear Luke chuckle. I tell him to take a right.

"Thanks for all of this Dawnie.", he says. I squeeze him.

"I already missed two birthdays. I won't miss the third.", I say. He lifts me off his back and keeps walking. I frown. What just happened? "Leaves?! Why'd you do that?". He ignores me and keeps walking.

"Luke stop!", I demand. He keeps going. He's forced me to do something I don't wanna do. But if he's still ignoring me...

"LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS!!! YOU STOP RIGHT NOW!!!", I yell. He freezes. I jog up to him and glare at him.

"What the hell?! Why are you acting like a-". I'm cut off by him.

"Why do you have to keep bringing the tour up?! I get it! You were hurt when I left! And you know what, I was too. I never wanted to hurt you! You were everything to me!", he screams. I feel close to tears. Every time he yells, it's like he's disappointed in me. That's why I cry.

"Why are you always bringing that up when you know were gonna fight?! I don't want to yell at you, Charlie! But you make that really hard! I'm here now! So why can't we stop fighting long enough to have fun?!". I shrug and let a few tears fall. Why am I? Because I think you're gonna leave me in the dust. Because I love you and I don't want you to go. And that's selfish if me.

But if he can be angry and yell, so can I. "We'll why do we fight?! Huh? If you are so sick of it, tell me why and maybe I can stop ruining your time here. Do you need me to leave?! I will. Why do we fight?!", I yell. It's his turn to shrug. He runs his hands through his hair.

"Why do we fight?! Because I'd really like to know! Why can't we be happy around each other! Why is fighting like a second nature for us?! Why, Lucas?! Answer me!", I demand.

He backs me up against a nearby tree. "BECAUSE FIGHTING DOESN'T HURT!", he rages. My anger fades. He's right. Fighting doesn't hurt as much as talking. Fighting is what keeps the pain away. It eases the past. He's in my face, and I can feel him breathing on my neck. I close my eyes.

"Fighting doesn't hurt you as much as talking.", he says before walking back down the road.


Hey guys! How'd you like the chapter. Birthday surprises are horrible sometimes! Hehehe update soon.

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