Loving You

My life was fine. I may have been picked on and hurt every once in a while, but I could make do. But that was before he came back. Before he left,all was okay. I was fine. Maybe even happy. But he left me. And that hurt. A lot. He's back,for an entire ten months.
Why am I happy that he's back,but sad he'll have to leave? He was my best friend after all. Oh we'll.
I told myself not to fall in love with Luke Hemmings...


20. Being Sick...

I look over at her as we pull into the driveway. She's sound asleep. I really don't wanna wake her. I get out and go over to her side of the car. Picking her up bridal style, I shut the door. I carry her into the house and head up to her room. I set her down in the bed. She's 5'9. Really long legs.

"Lukey? Where are we?", she asks sleepily.

"In your room. We got home pretty late. You can go back to sleep.", I whisper. She nods and tugs on my sleeve.

"Stay with me?",she asks. I nod. She gets up and takes her skinny jeans and flannel off. I gulp. She's now in blue boy shorts and a grey V-neck. She tries to undo her hair, but she fails. "Help me, Lukey!",she whines. I undo her hair. It tumbles down her back.

I pull off my shirt and help her back into bed. She lays her head on my chest. "Goodnight, Lukey.", she whispers before drifting off to sleep. I'm not so lucky.

It's hard to sleep when you're worrying about perfection. You could force yourself to sleep. Or do anything else. But perfection was hard to ignore. No one was perfect. But in my eyes, perfect was crazy and unplanned. Perfect was self conscious and unknowingly beautiful.

For me, perfect was her.


I shift slightly and look down. She's more snuggled into me than before. She's mumbling in her sleep. I rub her back and whisper in her ear. "Shhh, it's okay Dawnie. You're okay.", I whisper. Her eyes pop open.

"Luke.",she cries. I hug her closer and kiss her temple. "Don't go. Please stay.", she begs.

"I'm not going anywhere. I promise.", I whisper. She calms and sneezes. "You sneeze like a baby kitten.", I tease. She hides her hair in the crook of my elbow. "That's what I'm gonna start calling you. Kitten.",I say. She shakes her head and sneezes again.

"You okay?", I ask. She shrugs.

"My throat hurts a little and my head hurts. And I've got a massive tummy ache.", she says, her voice fading in and out. I pout and go into the bathroom to grab the thermometer. I hand her the thermometer.

She sticks it in her mouth and we wait for the beep. It makes that ear splitting sound, and I take it from her. 103.1. "Shit.", I mumble.

"What? What's wrong?", she croaks. I shake my head.

"You've gotta fever. You just need rest.", I tell her. She nods and lays back down. She looks pale. Charlie starts to shiver, so I cover her up and grab and extra blanket.

"It's really cold.",she squeaks. I nod and tuck her in. I head down to grab her some water and medicine.

"Hey man. What's wrong?", Ash asks.

"Charlie's running a fever. Like, bad. 103.1.", I say, grabbing a water. Ash whistles. I nod, searching the medicine cabinet for throat soothers. I run back upstairs and hand her the water.

"Will you please take some medicine?", I beg. She shakes her head. "Yes."





She bursts into tears. I sit down by her. "I'm so sorry sweetie. I know you don't feel good. Don't worry. I'm sorry for yelling. Please take the medicine. It'll help.", I whisper. She nods and I give her the soothers.

"Do you want one of my shirts?", I ask. She nods. I rummage through my suitcase and pull out a slightly faded Arctic Monkeys shirt. She pulls her shirt off and sneezes. She's in a red lacy bra and blue boy shorts. I pull my shirt over her head and tuck her back in.

I kiss her forehead. "Get some rest.", I say. She nods and asks me to close the door on the way out. I do and head back downstairs. I hope she gets better.


I hear Mikey screaming for me. "LUKE!!! OH GOD!!! HELP ME ITS DISGUSTING!!!", he screams. I jog up the stairs and find him in Charlie's bathroom. She's hurling into the toilet while Mikey points to the bile on the floor. I kick him out and wipe it up. I hold her hair out of the way.

"Lukey. It hurts.", she squeaks. I nod and ask her what happened. "Check the date.", is all she says. I take the bottle of medicine and check the date.

"Okay. If today's July 19th it expires MARCH 4TH, 2013!!! Oh, my god. I poisoned my girlfriend!", I groan. I clean her up and help her back to bed. I throw away the poison and ask Cal to run and get more. He heads out.

I can't believe I didn't check the date.

Being sick is horrible.


Sucky and choppy chapter. I'm disappointed in myself. You guys'll get more next update. I'm just ugh....


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