Lets talk

Ask me anything, I'll answer.
Go ahead, don't be afraid. My life is a book waiting to be opened. Just be warned what you uncover may not be what you would of thought it to be.
Any hate, any judgmental dispute and you will find yourself in an uncomfortable position.
This is your only warning. Proceed with caution.


6. Queston 5


Question 5 from; Clauds2002


Do u have a boyfriend? 
If u do how is he? 
If u were a dog what will u do for playtime?



No, im not in a relationship, she cheated on me. im bi. 

I guess she is doing grate, i dont really know since im in hospital and isnt aloud to see anyone.

if i were a dog i'd probs eat, sleep, poop, and stick my head out a car window. Oh and chase (not hurt) rabbits. im such a weirdo xF



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