a brandnew demigod

hi am Bruce yea am a demigod and yea am writing a god dam book ... I only did it cos the publishers said I would get unlimited Wi-Fi


1. finding out

It was Halloween and I was out trick are treating with my friends (yes I have friends before you say anything)   we were going to knock on this old lady’s house when I heard a voice telling me not to go on to her property so I stayed back and let my friends go (im such a good friend  ).  They walked to the door and I could feel something it wasn’t a nice feeling ether I stayed put   not knowing what this feeling meant are why I was having these feelings.   my friends    knocked on the door. I heard something terrible it sounded like a gun being loaded without thinking I ran in front of them (their names are Sam and louse   by the way)   the door swung open and that little old lady we thought we were knocking on was not a little old lady after all my friend were confused but I wasn’t I knew what she was she was like me a demigod  I told my friends to go and I would meet up with them.  my friends insisted that they  stayed     but I knew what this demigods was like  you see my mortal friends  us  demigods are not like the ones  you hear in fairy tales as  a  child . I turned and looked at my friends   and my eyes were bright red    they then got the message that it was too dangerous for them to stay I turned back and faced the so called old lady she noticed that my eyes were red she quickly put the gun down and welcomed me into her house I walked in knowing we were the same   I felt safe but how wrong was I you see my mortal friends this was no ordinary demi god well she wasn't a demigod at all she was a titan. my hands started shaking what had I done and why had I done it you see it is phorbidin for demigods to enter the houses of titans (its stupid I know).  my only choice was to go on face book and ask my mam and stepdad for help

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