Crumbled Society

During a time where people no longer decide the fate of their nation.


1. The Inevitable Drop

It was sudden, unavoidable, and a neglected fate. People were aware of the issues at hand, yet they felt as if someone else would have the solution. Apparently, they didn't, because if that was the case I wouldn't be clenching onto a rail trying to pull myself up from a five hundred foot death. 

"Well, isn't this quite an unforgiving scenario, Leo." A man emerges from behind the rail. "I'm sorry it had to be this way, but you chose to keep your rations and die with them, instead of living another day. Leo, why were you so stupid? Don't you want to feel the blood rush through your veins one more time?" He lights a cigarette. He had messy long hair, and wore a black suit. It was Gavin, he had a large group of savages at his command. I, like many others, had to pay with food rations to live another day. Live another day in a wasteland.

I look down at the mossy broken up road, which would turn me into bug juice in a matter of moments. I hadn't spoken in days, my voice crackled when I opened my mouth to speak. "We're all going to die anyways, why even fight for what's left anymore?" I let go of the rail and began my rapid descent into an abyss of savagery and despair. Before, I closed my eyes, I could see the smoke from his cigarette flooding the fragile atmosphere. 

Smack. Finally at rest I could be. No longer did I have to face the constant worry of whether the water was safe to drink, would I find any food the next morning, or having that small despicable lingering hope in the back of my mind. After telling myself this, I realized a dead man couldn't think about these things. Especially when he hadn't even left the realm of the living. 

I opened my eyes, and I felt no pain. I could see another puff of smoke from the balcony invade the air. I attempted to move my neck, it cracked as i turned over to my left side. My entire body was cracking. I looked at my hand, the bone had shot it's way through my skin. It stuck out like a memory of how society use to be. Strong and firm, now weak and feeble.

Then, something extraordinary happened, it was nothing short of a freak show. The bone shriveled back up into my skin, my fingers retook a solid and flexible form. My arm had completely healed from the fall. This was impossible. It was impossible, but here i lay completely rejuvenated. 

I guess it was time to take a jab back at Gavin for once, now that I had this reassurance, anything could be possible. Many things were still unclear about this power, but I walked down the street in deep thought. Many things were to be restored with this power, not only my body, but maybe even this crumbled society.

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